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Wake up, it’s spring


Izia 1 – Sisley Beauty Wall performed by @LuciaCurzi – pick your favorite Illustration and like it on Lampoon Instagram


Izia 2 – Sisley Beauty Wall performed by PatriziaCalegari – pick your favorite Illustration and like it on Lampoon Instagram


Izia 3 – Sisley Beauty Wall performed by @andrearubele – pick your favorite Illustration and like it on Lampoon Instagram

Testo Paola Corazza


Izia, the new fragrance by Sisley, was created starting from a childhood memory of Isabelle d’Ornano, the founder, in 1976, alongside husband Hubert, of the Sisley brand. To celebrate the new perfume, Sisley conceived a special wall, that does not divide, yet joins together: the Sisley Beauty Wall (http://www.sisleybeautywall.it/) collects the thoughts and the memories and all that Izia evokes and brings to mind. A wall, some say, is there to accommodate messages, drawings, doodles, memories.

Memories, we were saying: Isabelle d’Ornano recalls the fragrance of a particular rose, that bore no name, and that blossomed only in early May in a rose garden in a faraway place, a castle in Łańcut, Poland. The same rose that Isabelle brought, fifteen years ago, to her house garden in the Berry region, in the Loire valley. The roses she loves to wrap in newspaper and take to Paris. Isabelle observed her rose, the d’Ornano rose, wither and imagined to evoke that same scent, to capture it before it vanished forever. And she succeeded , with the help of Amandine Clerc-Marie, one of the leading ‘noses’ in France. This is how the new Sisley fragrance, Izia, was created and named after Isabelle’s nickname in Polish.

The new scent, sensuous and feminine, revolves around the rose. But also features luminous and sophisticated head notes provided by Calabrian bergamot and pink pepper, touches of freesia and tea and a warm, woody base, softened by musk.

The story of Izia sounds like a fairytale and stems from a memory, an inspiration. The Sisley Beauty Wall is a place where everyone can get inspired by this magical fragrance and leave their mark, also virtually, through a post on one’s social media, with #Sisleyparisitalia, #BeautyWall.

Sisley Beauty Wall

Wake up, it’s spring – take a flower and back to sleep, #Google says. We want to introduce #Izia, the new perfume by #Sisley on the first (actually, second this year) day of #Spring. 

Find more on Lampoon Instagram and on Sisley-Paris.com about a #BeautyWall using the hashtag #SisleyParisItalia.

All your posts will appear listed with us and #SisleyItalia. #Izia the new fragance by #SisleyItalia, conceived from a childhood memory by Isabelle d’Ornano #IziaStory.

Photography by Alexander Beckoven in The Fashionable Lampoon

Special thanks for the Illustrations to Lucia Emanuela Curzi, Patrizia Calegari and Andrea Rubele.