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Fondazione Prada and art in Chicago

Text Angelo Ruggeri


Fondazione Prada goes to Chicago. For a unique, experimental and informative project about art, developed exactly in the American city of the second post-war period. In this way, the foundation established by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli masterfully proceeds with its strategy of re-reading of the moments of the history of contemporary art which, though not completely recognized by the critics, have marked the actuality of new artistic generations. From graffitists to neo-techies.

The project for the analysis of painting distinguished by political commitment, by figurative narration and graphical radicalness and, for this reason rejected by New York prevailing culture, more interested in the abstract and impersonal dimension of art, is structured in three thematic elaborations conceived and curated by Germano Celant: ‘Leon Golub’, ‘H. C. Westermann’ and ‘Famous Artists from Chicago. 1965-1975’. These are all dedicated to two generations of artists from Chicago, famous in the Fifties and in the Sixties.

This survey contributes to examine artistic production in the two decades outside the main centres of art diffusion, from Paris to New York, to focus on the development of alternative sets which have originated around art schools and academies, like the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in competition or in a critical position compared to the industrial and reductive position of the Minimal Art. Because art is everywhere.

Leon Golub | H. C. Westermann | Famous artists from Chicago. 1965-1975
A cura di Germano Celant

20th October 2017 > 15th January 2018

Largo Isarco, 2 – Milan

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00AM > 8:00PM
Friday > Sunday, 10:00AM > 9:00PM

Images courtesy of Press Office
www.fondazioneprada.org – @fondazioneprada

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