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The Barber Snob

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi


In 1969 the man went to the moon and a four-year-old child could count up to three. An astronaut had landed, one on the ladder and the other facing Apollo 13. «I asked who had taken the pictures and I was told that I did not understand anything, there were satellites. Thirty-six years later, I discovered I was right». The point was not whether the man was on the moon or not, but knowing how to answer the question of a child.

«When I was asked what I would have done when I grew up, I replied “a professional man”. I had it inside: seriousness, competence, values​​». The frustration of the little child has turned into a desire for revenge. I call myself trico-aesthete by profession and barbitonsor by trade». Francesco Cirignotta, the barber snob: «with the means we have, acculturation is a duty, I become a cultural racist towards those who do not grasp the opportunities that life grants».

«The word snob stands for sine nobilitate. I am like those s.nob English guys in the nineteenth century, who went to university because they had the ambition to improve. In Japan, it is called kaizen, a constant improvement».

«My shop is a place where people “come out from outside”, they do not “come in”. No one is able to sell what one would not be willing to buy, I could only create a place that is coherent with me». Being in the service industry means receiving the opportunity to give, with value and competence – according to Lacan, the supply always precedes the demand: «Only innovators guarantee the traditions, those who look nostalgically to the tradition kill its value. We have to create new traditions, so that the world can tell new stories. It is not enough a gown, an old armchair and an old razor to make an old barber. Being an artisan is a high intellectual form, there is not one better than the other».

«It is enough to be able to listen to start a quality conversation and exchange experiences: talking about football but not about supporters, about politics but not about politicians, about economy but not about thieves. I have already chosen my epitaph: “Men, consistent. At least he tried.” He gave me a Divine direction».

The Barber Shop by Francesco Cirignotta

Viale Gabriele d’Annunzio, 25 – Milan

Tuesday > Friday, 9:00AM > 8:00PM
Saturday, 9:00AM > 7:00PM

02 8357406


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