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The new Lampoon literary editor

Gian Paolo Serino, the fresh literary editor of The Fashionable Lampoon – ph. Daniele Barraco

Text Gian Paolo Serino


There is always future in an imperfect idea – Elias Canetti.

Magnificence is born out of imperfection.

At Lampoon we do not have time for light entertainment: in order to live in a magnificent world, we need first of all to be magnificent ourselves. Me. You. Us. Everyone. I am talking to you: stop reading what I am writing, go and build a cathedral out of waste materials, a kindergarten in the desert, transforming an idea into a revolution, a thought into evolution.

If you are still reading, you are still magnificent: it takes a genius to write nowadays, but it also takes a genius to read.

What is Culture? Culture is becoming part of the time without selling yourself to the powers of the time. For this reason at Lampoon we have decided to marry culture with our own aesthetic vision, which is unique and without parallel as, after all, aesthetic cannot be argued. Aesthetic simply is. Aesthetic is lived and breathed. Aesthetic is us. Aesthetic is You. If that were not the case, you would have not read thus far. Hence, starting from the next issue of Lampoon, we have decided to give culture an even greater space. We are not going against prevailing trends. We do not believe in trends, never mind countertrends

We do not believe in the idea of people and magazines that are always a step ahead but simply that there are people and magazines who are just that fraction behind.

Lampoon has initiated collaborations with some of the best Italian and foreign writers who, more than having something ‘to say’, they have something ‘to offer’.

We are giving it all that we have, which, in our current times, is not little at all. This, whatever results we will achieve. Moreover, our goal is – and will always be – to reach You.

Image courtesy of Gian Paolo Serino.