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Moncler Genius

Text Michele Zeni


Only one building, more individuality and one goal: to define the nuances of the Moncler personality. The Moncler Genius project proposed by Remo Ruffini was announced today to face the brand’s future. The Moncler Genius Building will be unveiled on February 20th, during the Milan fashion week. A building composed of several areas dedicated to specific creative talents that, unisonely, will represent the multiplicity of the Moncler character. As a ‘republic of imagination’, it will be a meeting place, where the individual vision will interpret the uniqueness of the brand.

Moncler Genius is born from a curatorial approach that keeps the product as the key point and aims at satisfying the final consumer. An active combination that bases its inventive action on the efficiency and unmistakable style of the garments, creating an innovative design synergy. Leaving expressive freedom to designers, it allows a reinforcement of the uniqueness of the product and a flow of words on it, adapting to the singular vision of each creative talent and therefore reflecting the identity of the consumer. Creation, destruction and reconstruction – the idea becomes a place that creates a communicative movement and materialises itself in a real physical universe.

If uniqueness is the force that defines identity, multiplicity is the essence of authenticity.

The creative minds of Moncler Genius – Pierpaolo Piccioli, Karl Templer, Sandro Mandrino, Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Francesco Ragazzi.

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