Unique “Milk Drop” illuminated sculpture in hand-blown glass. Designed and made by Jeff Zimmerman, USA, 2018. Image courtesy R & Company / Joe Kramm

It’s Lit showcases a selection of sculptural illuminated works by leading contemporary artists. Floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, hanging pendants – all of the work are handcrafted and were made using various techniques and materials. Many of the pieces have never been shown before and are on view for the first time in this exhibition.

Unique “Fertility Form” illuminated sculpture in gypsum with stone base. Designed and made by Rogan Gregory, USA, 2019. Image courtesy R & Company / Joe Kramm

The glass artist Jeff Zimmerman presents Milk Drop – illuminated pendants hung in the lower level gallery in an enclosed black space. Drawing influence from organic forms in nature, Zimmerman utilizes a pulling and dripping glassblowing technique to achieve these irregular forms. New works by Rogan Gregory are also on view including sculptural floor lamps in which he draws influence from extraterrestrials, sea life and nature to hand sculpt these organic illuminated forms. Alongside these designs are works by Katie Stout including a Sitting Girl floor lamp handmade out of ceramics and a green floor lamp and rug sculpture. Also on view are coveted works by The Haas Brothers including a pair of unique Socatra floor lamps made in sleek brass hex tiles and two unique marbled cactus floor lamps. Additionally It’s Lit features table lamps by Pierre Yovanovitch and three playful chicken lamps by Sebastian ErraZuriz.

“Sitting Girl” floor lamp in painted and gilded ceramic. Designed and made by Katie Stout, USA, 2018; Unique lamp and green rug. Designed by Katie Stout with Sean Gerstley, USA, 2015. Image courtesy R & Company / Joe Kramm

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