A flower made of seven flowers

By |February 6th 2019

Cartier Carat is the latest creation by Mathilde Laurent, creative director and the first female in-house perfumer at Cartier since 2005.

Black-eyed forever

By |January 14th 2019

The origins of makeup for men – Perhaps we wanted to write just how much we did not want to be ‘normal’ on our faces

Three love story

By |January 13th 2019

They never became families, they never had children, but these three interrupted and suffered loves inspired the history of literature, art and fashion

The man of 2018

By |March 21st 2018

It’s about what will prove to be up-to-date as regards aesthetics in the future: in fashion, films, TV – generally in the media. Two men. The first man is the protagonist of Guadagnino’s movie

The most handsome man in the world

By |February 6th 2018

N°5 is to France for a woman as Acqua di Giò is to Italy for a man. One of the best-selling perfumes in the world, always on top of selling lists. Renowned in his freshness and simplicity

The Italian models

By |December 15th 2017

The most sought-after models by photographers, bookers and designers for the upcoming season. Every year, Elite Model Look designates them