In conversation with Gian Paolo Barbieri:
Photography is a question of culture

Being a photographer does not mean taking photographs. The speed of digital has changed the creation of the image: Gianni Biondillo in conversation with Gian Paolo Barbieri

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Asa Butterfield, interview with the star
of Sex Education – his face is an icon

Otis cannot masturbate. Sex between adolescents? Viagra, homosexuality, abortion. Schools in England will be obliged to teach sex education, while in Italy it is only a recommendation

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On the tennis court, Love means
zero: sports news and fashion styles

How much are legends and history worth, in economic terms? In an exploded extra-large T-shirt we can find the history of the twentieth century and the minimalism of Louise Trotter

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Nevermind Nirvana. Marc Jacobs has not
responded to accusations made by the grunge band

Nirvana and the Cobain Estate controlled by Courtney Love have filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs accusing him of having used the brand’s smiley face icon. A flashback to grunge fashion

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