Picasso Scultore

October 24th. 2018|Comments Off on Picasso Scultore

Text Cesare Cunaccia @cesarecunaccia Pablo Ruiz y Picasso. A giant, the Minotaur that casts its disturbing shadow across the art of the entire 20th century. Larger than life, [...]

The 27 Club – plus one

October 18th. 2018|Comments Off on The 27 Club – plus one

Schiele and Basquiat. The aura of the greats, too fragile, perhaps, to cope with world criticism, or even success. Genius and wildness. Luck or damnation.

Streetwear? No, a suit by Paul Smith

June 27th. 2018|Comments Off on Streetwear? No, a suit by Paul Smith

Text Angelica Carrara. Not everyone gets on the streetwear bandwagon, not Paul Smith who revisits his archive, his story, and reconfirms the suit in a game of proportions. Clothing, a constant. “It is like a frame to a photo. Your choice is the image in the middle. Dress it up or down.”

Art tribe for Cartier

June 19th. 2018|Comments Off on Art tribe for Cartier

Text Matteo Mammoli. Too awkward, in flight, to read the time on the pocket watch - Santos Dumont complained to Louis Cartier in Paris, during the Belle Époque. The first men’s wristwatch, polygonal dial, leather strap, was born. It was 1904, it was the Santos de Cartier.

Anlaids – Art&Aids

June 12th. 2018|Comments Off on Anlaids – Art&Aids

Text Giuseppe Fantasia. An initiative that involves numerous personalities from the entertainment, fashion, culture, art and sport fields, invited to create a work to be transformed into a fundraising tool. They will meet on June 14th in the rooms of Doria Pamphilj palace for the Charity Gala curated by the designer Matteo Corvino.

A new sexual revolution

June 12th. 2018|Comments Off on A new sexual revolution

Text Claudia Bellante. Liberated says  what are the American Spring Breaks and what college and university students do in the few days they have free each year: sex. On the beach, in untidy rooms and with people sleeping in the next bed, drunk, without protection, without memory and if it happens, even without consent.

The photographer in motion

May 30th. 2018|Comments Off on The photographer in motion

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. Fotografie 1980-2017 is a selection of moving works by Charles March, on show in Rome until next June 30th.

Walking with Hank

May 11th. 2018|Comments Off on Walking with Hank

Text Nicola Manuppelli. The  jazz lifestyle of a writer and translator of American literature, amidst reflections and talks with his dog Hank.

The Barber Snob

April 30th. 2018|Comments Off on The Barber Snob

Text G. A. Minazzi. «When I was asked what I would have done when I grew up, I replied “a professional man”. I had it inside: seriousness, competence, values​​».