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Text Adelaide Striano


What does inspire you as an artist?
«I am inspired primarily by fashion. I have always been passionate about both fashion and art, so developing skills in the art of fashion illustration came naturally to me. Couture gowns are my favorite subject to draw – I love creating expressive motion, drama, and grandeur».

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of an illustration?
«What i find most interesting about fashion illustration is that the ‘core’ of the work stays the same (in my case, the core would be the fashion figure), but I can sketch the garments to be whatever I desire. In a sense, It’s very much like the paper dolls I used to play with as a child». 

What is your favorite approach to your work?
«I typically start all my drawings by finding inspiration in nature, seasons, runway trends, etc. I then may sketch out some patterns that become the final ‘look’. Currently, I’ve been experimenting with combining traditional media (markers) with digital media (my tablet used for illustration). This approach allows me to utilize my illustrations in ways I wouldn’t be able to with traditional media alone, but I can still maintain the hand-sketched look I desire». 

Any exhibition coming soon?

«My work isn’t so much exhibit-based, though I often showcase my work at local galleries over the summer. My favored ‘exhibit’, if you would, is mainly social media! It allows me to share my art and connect with other artists all over the globe. I continue to enjoy collaborating with fashion and beauty brands to bring creative campaigns to life with my fashion illustrations». 

What is the impact of social media on your illustration?
«Social media helps keep me consistent with my schedule. It motivates me to keep creating content, when I may otherwise be suck in a creative rut. It’s also a great way to easily document my portfolio. I like being able to scroll down my feed and seeing patterns, and how I may be able to change things up».

How did you increase the number of your followers in such a short time?
«I created my account a few years ago after graduating college, without any intent to gain followers. I didn’t think anyone would really be interested in it, and I’m still shocked they are! Creating a feed that was bright and colorful, and sticking to a consistent posting schedule (generally I post the same time of day, every day) helped me grow quickly. I also try to use effective hashtags. Instagram has changed quite a bit since I started. My current challenge is navigating the new algorithm, which makes it harder for my followers to see my posts. Using Instagram stories to notify my followers of my new art and products has helped a bit with that issue».

Do you still have your first painting?
«It’s not my first illustration ever, but it’s an early one (see attached photo)! It’s kind of like looking at a photo of yourself in your “awkward stage!” haha!».

Have you ever thought you would be recognized as a famous artist in a future?
«Absolutely not! I dreamed of being an interior designer. I’m quite a quiet, introverted person, so I’m glad that people recognize my art rather than me».

Any future project?
«I would love to travel the world and create art in new places. I’ve never been to Europe. It’s my dream to see Paris and Rome!».

What is the worst part about social media?
«Overall, I enjoy working on social media, but it can be a challenge to expose yourself to a wide audience. With a broad audience, there is a fair share of people who have unkind things to say, however, I feel truly lucky for all the people who do reach out with good intentions every day».

Images from his Instagram profile