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Cambodia, Phum Baitang. The synthesis of a trip

By |September 17th 2019

The temple of Angkor Wat is one of the most visited sites in the world, a destination for mass tourism - hidden behind a perimeter wall that could almost be an army barracks but opens out to reveal geometrical patterns of green fields and water

Marrakech, Dar Darma

By |April 3rd 2019

The perfumes mingled with the wood that smelled like sandal on the walls. Two courts make up the Dar Darma, from the ground to the sky

Pella, Casa Fantini

By |March 23rd 2019

The Lady asked Piero Lissoni to design the new headquarter of Fantini Rubinetterie: a building of glass, gently surfacing amidst willows and brooms

Jerusalem, The American Colony

By |February 20th 2019

A hotel that has preserved the neutral aura of a place of transit, at the service of diplomacy. The entrance is like crossing a frontier – a flurry of Mediterranean air up here in the hills

Lake Garda, Grand Hotel Fasano

By |July 11th 2018

The Grand Hotel Fasano is one of the best hotels reviewed by this column. The rooms overlooking the lake to the East, the swans taking flight, the sunlight dancing around the sundial.

St. Moritz, Hotel Suvretta House

By |March 16th 2018

In Saint Moritz, behind the last hill on the water edge, the most beautiful hotel in the world appears in the midst of fir trees: Suvretta. It overlooks Lake Silvaplana and soars before the Engadine villas.

Florence, Portrait Firenze

By |March 2nd 2018

A hotel along the Arno overlooks the Ponte Vecchio – the Portrait of Florence. It turns to the east, in the morning the sun enters from a wide open window on the third floor room

Oman, Alila Jabal Akhdar

By |May 21st 2019

In Oman, roses grow on mountains and in gullies. Among sweet fragrances in the summer or tepid waters in the winter, in the dark over the continent you can count the shooting stars

Marrakech, La Mamounia

By |April 3rd 2019

Along the walls, like a stronghold. The view of the garden changes the perception, in the morning the dawn rises behind the Atlas

Roma, Hotel de Russie

By |March 10th 2019

The ceilings are high, the wooden Dutch ornaments are combined with blue greys, shiny resin floors, beiges, cream, and black finishes

Roma, Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria

By |January 15th 2019

The bulk refers to famous hotels in the 1990s, while today pleasure is looking for reserved corners. The galleries of shops branch off from the lobby and generate déjà-vu.

Aman, Venice

By |March 17th 2018

In January there is stillness. At sunset of frost and there is silence on the Grand Canal. It seems strange. Venice in winter, without the Carnival and Christmas

Hotel MontChalet, Ortisei

By |January 13th 2018

On Monte Seceda there are secrets to discover: the botanicals. Among those of the Gin 8025, with zero sugar, there are stone and mountain pine cones. Down in the valley, in Ortisei, the last five-star Hotel MontChalet smells of stone pine

Biella, Albergo Bucaneve

By |December 29th 2017

Casa Zegna and the wool mill collect the water from the Alps of Biella region, the wool from New Zealand up to Mongolia. The hotel Bucaneve is hidden a midst of these mountains

Yulara, Longitude 131

By |April 3rd 2019

Uluru is the Aboriginal name of Ayers Rock, the rock of red sand. The mountain is sacred to the Anangu people

Überlingen, Buchinger Wilhelmi

By |January 24th 2019

The clinic’s philosophy is based on three elements: therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and spiritual inspiration. It is the ‘hunger method’ devised by Doctor Otto Buchinger in 1920

Miami Beach, Faena Hotel

By |November 24th 2018

The Sea Society gathers in Miami in December. Design Miami and Art Basel ignite the conversation of the media and sophisticated industry - as luxury can afford sophistication

Altaussee, Vivamayr

By |October 15th 2018

Three meals per day to be eaten in silence, sitting at one’s table – alone - on a patio with a view of the lake. No talking allowed, no reading or writing. Maximum concentration as you eat

Badia, Ciasa Salares

By |September 24th 2018

Stefan Wieser is the hotel owner, gourmet and sommelier. He invented the ‘real food miles’ formula

Hotel Raphaël, Rome

By |March 30th 2017

I want to talk about the wisteria. It’s blossoming – lilac petals and branches only, the green leaves will appear soon, then they will take over. It’s the prelude of the future that counts, not the memory of the past

Travel Story. The chocolate way, chapter two

By |September 15th 2019

This is what is missing from the new generation: humility, which does not mean keeping silent, but speaking at the right time, taking teachings and elaborating on them in your own way to get a result

Travel Story. Big Sur Memories

By |November 29th 2018

Peony and African cocoa flower – on a base of Turkish rose, with hints of ginger. The perfume seeks that euphoria that explodes when in California, at the Post Ranch Inn, your eyes widen before a shower of shooting stars

Travel Story. In Italy, on the loose

By |July 4th 2018

We have looked for the most peculiar floorings. As of late, while the new trend on Instagram is to take pictures of feet over majolica or intarsia floors, we have been after the five most beautiful floorings that actually exist

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