Natural diamonds: the human value
that exceeds the mining value

"Send them to the mines" - a phrase we've heard from kings and dictators, in films as well as in children's cartoons, a phrase that has almost become a proverb, that rings like a condemnation

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Nevermind Nirvana. Marc Jacobs has not
responded to accusations made by the grunge band

Nirvana and the Cobain Estate controlled by Courtney Love have filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs accusing him of having used the brand’s smiley face icon. A flashback to grunge fashion.

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Who is Michael Kors?
From a Long Island suburb to the Versace takeover

Between the beginning of 2017 and the first half of 2018, 21% of the 327 sales operations that took place in the world of fashion concerned an Italian company, but the ‘Made in Italy’ is in no danger

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