Dior Saddle Bag - Lampoon Exclusive
Dior Saddle Bag - Lampoon Exclusive
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Alex Gun - @alex_gun
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Giorgio Cinosi - @giorgio_cinosi
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Thebirkinboy - @thebirkinboy
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Joana Verissimo - @joana_staygold
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Howste - @HOWSTE
Dior Saddle Bag - Ph. Débora Rosa - @deborabrosa
Dior Saddle Bag

Text Angelica Carrara

Thursday 19 July marks the relaunch – all over the world there will be posts about the Saddle Bag redesigned by Maria Grazia Chiuri and presented during the Cruise fashion show. Together with the photographs we took, we have collected the best ones posted on Instagram – ordinary people, images where we can find a creative mark, any depth of view.

1968, Paris, Rive Droite. Fashion came out of the Maison’s atelier and became ‘ready’ – to meet the demands of a world in protest. Fifty years later, remembering is also reinventing. Maria Grazia Chiuri and her desire for freedom. Women are those who try. It is attention to humanity that produces an open civilization. Craftsmanship is a clear value in mind – it is luxury in a handmade bag. It’s the Saddle.

October in Paris, 1999. C’mon baby, light my fire. Everything you drop is so tired. Music is supposed to inspire – sang Lauryn Hill. John Galliano took note of the words of his muse and responded with the Spring Summer 2000 show – half of the event made up of models wearing denim. On their shoulders, the Saddle. In 2007, Galliano celebrated ten years of creative direction chez Dior with a limited edition of twelve Saddle bags, each representing a country. “Marie Antoinette was in love with the toile de Jouy printed fabrics, and that was where I got my inspiration for this bag. The pearls are equal to the same she used to wear,” Galliano told the New York Times at the time. The toile de Jouy – literally cloth from Jouy-en-Josas, a town not far from Versailles, placed on a small bag in the shape of a jockey’s saddle and closed by a golden D-shaped buckle, becomes the toile of joy.

Season three, episode five – Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw on the streets of Manhattan. On her shoulder, the Saddle, and freedom and the nineties. Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller and Destiny’s Child. Then out of production. And so the over-the-top quest begins in luxury vintage shops. Beyoncé, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, again – on their shoulders, the Saddle. Bella Hadid was spotted by the paparazzi with a vintage denim model, Adwoa Aboah took it to a wedding.

A melodic South America expands the vision of the Mexican rodeo and blends with the harpsichord of Chantilly’s rooms and the noble Fronde. A group of eight women: the Escaramuzas are a team that competes in rodeo tournaments in Mexico. They arrived in Paris, under the May rain, to open the Dior Cruise show in the Chantilly stables. Maria Grazia Chiuri designed their uniforms following the rules of rodeo etiquette: the obligatory bow, a double black belt, the three-ruffle skirt, the chiffon petticoat and the trousers – all made from cotton. On their shoulders, the Saddle.

Dior Saddle Bag - Darai Strokous
Dior Saddle Bag - Pauline Ducruet
Dior Saddle Bag - Yuko Araki
Dior Saddle Bag - Hanna Chan
Dior Saddle Bag - Margaret Qualley
Dior Saddle Bag - Yang Ora Caiyu
Dior Saddle Bag - Natalia Dyer
Dior Saddle Bag - Kozue Akimoto
Dior Saddle Bag - Lou Doillon
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019
Dior Saddle Bag Fall Winter 2018-2019