Hermès Carré Club

By |November 20th. 2018|

After New York, Toronto, Singapore and Los Angeles, Hermès now brings its Carré Club to Milan—the first city in Europe— from 23 to 25 November

The Rocker Poet

By |June 20th. 2018|

Many have arrived, it was the last evening of the men’s fashion shows in Milan. The table is almost forty metres long, decorated with a strip of flowers and candles in honor of Paul Smith.

That night in Turin

By |May 14th. 2018|

Text Lampooners. During the International Book Fair, we marked the sixty years since the first publication of Capote’s novel. The protagonists of the intellectual society of Turin - the one so shy and reserved that the rest of Italy is raising their eyelids - sat at the tables of the Cambio in an uneven mix that was adept at every party.

Burberry Peacock Blue

By |April 17th. 2018|

Text Angelica Carrara. Post-industrial charm of the old Milan, on a Saturday night: a party in a place hidden at the end of a gravel street. The restaurant has come to life in an ex foundry. No tablecloth on the raw wooden tables, just flowerpots: red anemone, black buttercups and powder-coloured syringas.

(Mis)re(a)d Carpet

By |September 14th. 2017|

Text Angelica Carrara. It is the catwalk of every respectable film award ceremony. Theater of couture masterpieces where supreme elegance should reign. It should. A dream come true. Utopia. For spectators who do not walk on it. As for those who pass it inappropriately.


By |September 6th. 2017|

The Fashionable Lampoon together with Tiffany & Co. in Venice. A synergy: all that Lampoon has been making over the last years with Tiffany & Co. has been entitled Keep On Shining. To make something shine, to make talent gleam: The Venice Waltz at Venice Conservatory on last 2nd September during the Film Festival.

Aristofunk – THE Gala Rave

By |February 28th. 2017|

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Sabato scorso, al Teatro Principe di Milano. Andava in scena Aristofunk, lo abbiamo chiamato un Gala Rave. Halfway between a gala night where people are dressed to the nines and where people dance to electronic music.