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Aristofunk was hosted last Saturday, at the Teatro Principe in Milan. We called it a Gala Rave – halfway between a gala night where people are dressed to the nines and one of those events in a basement where people dance to electronic music. We did not want to see the usual people, we only wanted the ones we like best – plus a few Lampoon fans.

The theatre could accommodate 700 people, we invited 500, but 700 showed up anyway – I was afraid there was too many of them. The drapes hanging down the galleries were all different – mixed up, in different colors – with damask inserts. The acrobats danced in the loops hanging from the ceiling. There were tulips clashing with glittered walls – like in a real boxing fight – the ring was covered with flowers and black tulle. The lipsticks in wire – for the whole week leading to the event, we received from France, Germany and Texas the Art Instagrammers’ posters – all published here in this article. We contacted some of these Art Instagrammers ourselves, others came of their own volition, using #YSLnotInnocent, the hashtag from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté that supported the whole production of the Gala Rave.

I did not want to have a photocall with Lampoon’s logos, I did not want to play the celebrity game – I wanted the Aristofunk to be there, not the wannabeceleb, not the influencers, those who are influenced. The photocall turned into a photo-shot: a shot of vodka and a photograph, hoping to relax the face muscles. The shots were courtesy of Belvedere Vodka, that has been a partner of Lampoon since our very first party.

Selfies were forbidden. The people I liked the least were those who showed up without considering the dress code stated on the invite – Tuxedos rock the Peacocks – a meaningless slogan that encompassed a sense of vanity, beauty, and playfulness – and also of aesthetic culture. Simone de Kunovich performed during the first part of the night when the colored lights flicked following a slower pace. At midnight sharp, the lights stopped and turned bright red – Elisa Balbo sang Morricone’s Your Love – clad in Dior red, the most iconic dress for Spring. After her performance it was the turn of Joss Moog, who arrived that same afternoon from Paris – while acrobats kept up flying above in the air.

Event Partner Yves Saint Laurent Beautè and Belvedere Vodka

Special thanks to
Fashion Model Management www.fashionmodel.it
Models @giordanapieri, @chiaranorischiorda, @korlanmadi, @matteoguidarelli, @bibiana.alfonso and  @dilettagomezgane
T’a Milano
Sofas Divani Chesterlfied
Serikos Collezioni & Tessili S.r.l
Eliana Ziliani, Art Factory Luxury
Boxing gloves www.amazon.it

IED Moda Milano

Event Images Alfonso Catalano @ SGPItalia – Jacopo Raule, Victor Boyko @ Getty, Marco Piraccini, Thomas Daloiso

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