April, Saturday night in Milan at a peacock blue hall. Burberry together with The Fashionable Lampoon has hosted a dinner at Fonderie Milanesi. In a period of change for the British Maison, while the creative direction goes to Riccardo Tisci, there is a whole heritage to celebrate. The trench, re-conceived as if it was on an architectonical design, it remains the iconic piece. Waterproof, and resistant to time passing by, to be waist tied.

Post-industrial charm of the old Milan, on a Saturday night: a party in a place hidden at the end of a gravel street. The restaurant has come to life in an ex foundry. Exposed brickwork, a bicycle hanging from over a beam. In the peacock blue hall, two twin tables – someone shall always sit at the head of the table, never leave a guest without a tablemate to talk to at his right. No tablecloth on the raw wooden tables, just flowerpots: red anemone, black buttercups and powder-coloured syringas.

Outside, springtime. In the garden, ivy intertwines with a cobweb of lights. Giada Ripa and her photographic experimentations, Fiammetta Cicogna and her Catullian dream. Nina Zilli wears a green sweater over a romantic fuchsia pink tulle skirt. It’s all about the days of art, the week of design which is about to start and to invade Milan. Tommaso Fantoni, architect and grandnephew of Osvaldo Borsani, tells about Villa Borsani in Varese, which for the first time opens its doors waiting for the retrospective about the designer and architect to be inaugurated at Milan’s Triennale. A knot that does not untie.The Trench Culture

Text Angelica Carrara. We await the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci. The trench coat, symbol of the maison, lends itself to styling games. Magazines and platforms in the world have soon given rise to an aesthetic conversation, about the trench. HypeBeast plays on digital, The Fashionable Lampoon opens a styling session.