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Lampoon invited 100 people to a terrace overlooking Piazza San Fedele, not far from the Scala. In honor of Paul Smith, a master of colours, a London designer – he opened his first shop of a few square metres in Nottingham in the late 1970s. In a few minutes, Sir Paul Smith knows everyone, between smiles and warmth, a mix between Evelyn Waugh and a rocker poet. The DJ puts his playlist – The Clash, Van Morrison. Milan answers welcoming – this our city that embraces you with the circle of the Alps: the peaks are seen in the haze of summer and in the yellow of sunset.

Many have arrived, it was the last evening of the men’s fashion shows in Milan. The table is almost forty metres long, decorated with a strip of flowers and candles, the balls of purple Allium chosen by White Pepper. The sky is striped with pink. There are talented designers, our pride, Rocco Jannone, Lucio Vanotti, Andrea Pompilio, Massimiliona Giornetti, Andrea Incontri – dames of aesthetics and culture – from Nina Yasher to Susanna Cucco – and many others, from the artist Emiliano Ponzi to the publisher Andrea Rasoli, the Marzotto brothers, Chiara Scelsi. One of the most beautiful men in the world came from Monte Carlo on purpose, Charlie Siem, the English violinist, talent and culture – there is one of his videos that is always worth looking for on Youtube, Scheherazade in Cape Verde. In the midst of so many others, two sisters – Giada and Ilaria Tronchetti Provera, shined as they always know how to do, who remind us so much of the good and sober way of a beautiful Milanese class.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Info and thanks.

A special thanks to American Express which supported us in this commitment, between culture and fashion To our present and constant partners: Moët Chandon, Belvedere Vodka, and Ruinart wines,

Pinaider, for the invitation cards – and the wording on the side – printed with love,

For the flowers, for all their imagination and research, a special thanks to Cristina, Camilla and Lena from White Pepper Studio,

The Paul Smith store in Milan is in via Manzoni, 30 –

The terrace in Piazza San Fedele comes to life every day with Taste on Top, on the sixth floor of the building in front of the church of San Fedele. From there you can see everything, the spires of the Duomo, the new skyscrapers, and in the best evenings as the other one, the Alps in summer. Taste on Top is a temporary idea, born from the experience of Taste of Milan that hosts the chef of a famous restaurant every week. For Lampoon, Massimiliano Mandozzi, chef of the Casta Diva resort on Lake Como, cooked,

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