Text Claudia Bellante

The boy approached, complimented her, kissed her and then the lights went down. Fifteen, maximum twenty minutes will have passed. They leave the room, the others laugh, the girl screams “What a shame!” and runs off falling on the sand. Shay comments that Jenny, or maybe it was Amy, is really a pretty girl with nice tits. Rewind: her name was Anna.

This is Liberated, The new Sexual Revolution, and you can see it on Netflix. Liberated says – apparently without filters – what are the American Spring Breaks and what college and university students do in the few days they have free each year: sex. On the beach, in untidy rooms and with other people sleeping in the next bed, drunk, without protection, without memory and if it happens even without consent. Sometimes videos of rapes go online and mayors in places like Panama City Beach, in Florida, look really sorry. Meanwhile, in Cancun, Mexico, Kimmy and Farrah arrived from California to finish dancing on a stage while a man at the microphone urges them to shake their ass or raise their bikini tops. The surrounding scenery does not change: beach, music, alcohol. The interviewed experts say that all this is the result of social media, that even males suffer because they feel the pressure to be virile and that in the culture of casual sex the purpose is to zero as people to become objects of pure pleasure.

The director of Liberated is Benjamin Nolot, the founder of Exodus Cry, an American Christian organisation that fights against the exploitation of prostitution and the sex industry and invites its adherents to pray to save the souls of the victims. Liberated disgusts, moves, makes you think, but it does not change things. At last Shay keeps laughing while Kimmy cries, a classic like that. The only data reported is that one in five girls is sexually assaulted at the university, no mention of caught and punished molesters. We wonder if we really want that one day our daughter goes to Berkeley, we type Spring Break on Google and we find that the first European edition was held in April, in Croatia: three nights as lions (will the girls be lionesses or gazelles?) for less than two hundred Euros.

Il trailer, youtube.com