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Text Domenico Paris


Speed and interconnection. Day by day, some distances become less and less challenging, transforming the physical spaces of this world in something littler and less known, nearly familiar.

And yet, in many corners of the planet, there still are some places where man could not arrive and where nature keeps on revealing itself in its primeval and wild harmony, reminding us that in our mad race to the next conquer we are dramatically loosing contact with a basic principle of our existence: the correct relation with what surrounds us.

It is exactly in these remote and uncontaminated outskirts that Sebastião Salgado has spent nearly ten years of his life, taken up with a documentary and sentimental project of great import. The result has been Genesi, a show that for 5 years now has been astonishing hundreds thousands of visitors and that until next 16th bSeptember will be staged at Sale dei Paggi within the Palace of Venaria.

Divided in five thematic sections, two-hundred-forty-five images taken by the Brazilian photographer go back over the steps of a human and sentimental journey that has crossed all the continents, catching a wonderful and very personal image in black and white of the giant turtles in Galapagos and the zebras in Kenya, the Kayapo in Amazonia and the tribes in New Guinea, though the real protagonist of the exhibition is the landscape. Breath-taking views from the extreme North or the extreme South, where the magnificence of what we observe turns out to be not in a snapshot of decorative beauty, but in the epiphany of Earth which is still able to subtract itself to the yoke imposed by modernity at all costs in which one can go back to feel integral (and integrated) part of what he has always been.

As it is only by rediscovering the real essence of what is timeless that one will be able to trust in the creation of a better future.

Genesi by Sebastião Salgado on display until 16th  September

Sale dei Paggi, Palace of Venaria

Piazza della Repubblica, 4, 10078 Venaria Reale TO

More info lavenaria.it