Xavier Dolan at 12th rome film fest

Text Micol Beltramini


In a tweet posted a few weeks ago, Xavier Dolan stated that latest IT was his favorite film of the century. I watched IT just a few days ago and I would have truly loved to ask Xavier Dolan what he had ‘smoked’ before writing that tweet. By this I do not mean to imply that the new IT is especially bad but simply that the disproportion between Dolan’s and Muschiettis’ talent is embarrassing. Anyway, here comes Xavier Dolan: he takes selfies with the fans on the red carpet and is sporting a new bleached hairstyle that makes him look oddly similar to the Green Day’s front man. The way he deals with people and what he says echoes some sort of primordial enthusiasm that you wish it coats your mouth before you go back being the grey, dull ‘dotard’ that you are. «It is just after you’ve done something with your hands that you can find yourself. I started by stealing: you repeat the others’ ideas until they morph into yours. It’s the way you grow up». To which he added: «There are so many movies about people that have no hope, no luck, and they do nothing to change that. I call it poverty porn. My movies are all about dreamers who fight for what they believe in, to find their place in the world. They may not always win, they may not always end up together, but they will never be losers, and it’s always life that must be blamed for their failure, not them: they never surrender». Titanic is the film he loves the most and he is not ashamed to admit it. «Though when I got out of the theatre I didn’t think I wanted to be Cameron, I thought I wanted to write a letter to Di Caprio! But I like movies with a heart and what Titanic tells you is: fly. To me, the same is true for Home Alone or The Piano». It is rare and refreshing to hear a director talk in such positive terms of many films not directed by himself, including Call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino, for instance: «A deep and wise movie about the beauty of a broken heart: pain opens so many doors, I believe that too». By contrast Guadagnino tore to shreds Dolan’s Mommy with a ferocity more suited to Snow White’s stepmother. That is why I felt no need to ask him about IT: it is like when the school ends and you have the whole summer ahead of you. That is Xavier Dolan.

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