Streetwear? No, a suit by Paul Smith

By |June 27th. 2018|

Text Angelica Carrara. Not everyone gets on the streetwear bandwagon, not Paul Smith who revisits his archive, his story, and reconfirms the suit in a game of proportions. Clothing, a constant. “It is like a frame to a photo. Your choice is the image in the middle. Dress it up or down.”

Sebastiano Mauri about Favola

By |June 22nd. 2018|

Text Matteo Mammoli. "The more a woman toils at home, the more beautiful she is in the eyes of her husband", this is the law in use in the Fifties in America.  Mrs Fairytale declaims this, with her hair set and her puffy dress, quickly moving from one hall to another of her bourgeois house – waiting for her husband to come back.

Panas’ Athens

By |June 11th. 2018|

Text Cesare Cunaccia. In Athens, but also throughout Greece, Panas Group is a definition of hospitality and quality of unique locations in every respect.

Reverse migration

By |June 5th. 2018|

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. Instead of getting the artisans to the city, the Indian designer Rahul Mishra went to them and created a network.

Paul Getty and the Seventies

By |June 1st. 2018|

Text Francesco Musolino. 1973. It was a hot day in July when John Paul Getty III was being kidnapped in Rome. For his deliverance, the ‘ndrangheta asks for seventeen million dollars.