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Photography Sanja MarušIć, Styling Giorgia Fuzio, Hair Chiara Bussei @ WM, Makeup Kassandra Frua, Casting Mari Lena Borgna @ Born To Runway, Photography Assistant Lars Kroon and Matteo Tricerri, Styling Assistant Angelica Arienti, Producer Sofia Castellaccio, Models Adele Taska @ The Fabbrica, Mor @ Independent. Thanks to Cava Palissandro, Gruppo Tosco Marmi


In this first issue in its new form, Lampoon has chosen craft as the approach for each of its pieces—making with the hands, the search for the prototype before production

The chocolate way – Chapter One

This is what is missing from the new generation: humility, which does not mean keeping silent, but speaking at the right time, taking teachings and elaborating on them in your own way to get a result

21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT opened in March 2007 in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, in a park-like setting within a vast commercial and residential development called Tokyo Midtown

Cooper Hewitt, New York

Cooper-Hewitt is the only museum in the US devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design in its broadest definition

Galeries Yves Macaux, Brussels

In the immediate vicinity of Yves Macaux’s gallery on rue de la Régence, visitors will find many of Brussels’ most celebrated tourist destinations

Clear Gallery, Tokyo

Located in Shibuya, the central business district of Tokyo famous for fashion and nightlife, Clear Gallery was launched in October 2007

The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam

From industrial design labels to limited-edition ceramics, textiles and furniture, everything in The Frozen Fountain represents a high caliber of artistic expression

  • Daniele Rossi Restauratore

Daniele Rossi Restoration, Florence

Daniele Rossi, born in 1958, has honed his skills on works of art for over thirty years, and now holds a position of prominence in the field of conservation in Italy


Resilient: we need to learn to be resilient. To understand how, we can take metals or minerals as examples—but this may not be enough where humans are concerned


Photography Igor Pjörrt, Styling Brydie Perkins, Fashion Editor Giorgia Fuzio, Models Alexandra @ Select Models, Callum @ D1 Models, Talents Jared & Maianh, Hair Josh Knight @ Caren using Davines, Make up Amy Wright @ Caren, Casting Born to Runway, Light Assistant Russell Higton, Digital Assistant Robert Billington, Fashion Assistant Kahli McCredie, Producer Sofia Castellaccio


Photography Benedikt Frank, Styling and co-concept Alex Aikiu, Creative Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Models Vika @ Monster Ruth @ Marilyn, Hair Philippe Mensah @ Capsule Agency, Make up Mayia Alleaume @ Calliste Agency, Casting Born to Runway, Photographer's Assistants Jules Martin, Manon Terness, Fashion Assistant Serena Haller, Production Shotview


Photography Ian Moore, Styling Giorgia Fuzio, Model Alexis Sundman @ Next, Make up and Hair Marisol Steward @ Frank, Casting Born to Runway, Photographer's Assistant Catharina Pavitschitz, Fashion Assistants Nadia Dahan, Andrea Franco, Chiara Borsari, Producer Sofia Castellaccio


Photography Michal Pudelka, Fashion Editor Alessandro Fornaro, Creative Producer Paul Joyce Pudelka, Fashion Coordinator Giorgia Fuzio, Models Violet and Emma Dobson @ Special Management, Ololade and Indina @ Select Models, Maria Vittoria @ Next Models, Bibi @ Storm Management, Alice Vink @ The Squad Management


Sincere sanctions respect, it means protecting the integrity of others. Acknowledging the qualities and characteristics of others


Photography Peter Langer, Fashion Editing Giorgia Fuzio, Photo and Light Assistant Maximilian Von Reumont, Photographer's Agent Lindsay Cooper @ Concrete Rep, Photographer's Producer Liberty Dye @ Concrete Rep

Casa Fantini

The Lady asked Piero Lissoni to design the new headquarter of Fantini Rubinetterie: a building of glass, gently surfacing amidst willows and brooms. On the edge of the park of the manor house, there is a small hotel like a diamond


Photography Marco Pietracupa, Styling Canedicoda, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Florianna Cappucci, Make-up Katja Wilhelmus, Casting Marilena Borgna, Photography Assistants Angelo Iannone, Marco Gehlhar, Stylist Assistant Valentina Lucchetti, Talents Alessandra Contini @Astarte, Rocco Fasano @TTAgency, Venerus @Astarte, Models Francesca Cioffi @Monster, Gabriela Soares @Monster


Photography Rankin, Styling Lola Chatterton, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Nick Irwin, Make-up Heidi North, Manicurist Jess Thompson, Casting Marilena Borgna, Production Designer Marco Turcich, Digitech Neil Bennett, Alex Gale, Models Aice Sofia @Monster, Minnie Wastie @TheFabbrica, George @ILoveModels, Sam @Prm


Photography Michael Hemy, Styling Tess Yopp, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Declan Sheils, Make-up Anete Salinjeka with Make-up Rodial, Casting Director Marilena Borgna, Photographer's Assistant Sebastian McCluskey, Set Designer Alicia Howitt, Fashion Editor Alessandro Fornaro, Production Shotview Artists, Models Nina @Next, Juliet Soane @Storm


Photography Dario Salamone, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Massimo Gamba, Make-up Serena Congiu, Casting Director Simone Bart Rocchietti, Marilena Borgna, Digital Operator Pietro Pappalardo, Light Assistants Giulia Bergamasco, Alecio Ferrari, Make-up Assistants Bianca Bagnoli, Cinzia Trifiletti, Models Miriam @Monster, Mavaro @Elite

Man fashion
is about woman

The best way to study fashion - and really get it - is to observe fashion for man. A reasoning at the beginning oof the Milan fashion shows

When reality goes
beyond fiction

This is a story of two loves and a betrayal. From a letter arrived to Lampoon's editorial office some time ago, a tale like novel that no one can write anymore


Middle class is no longer an insult. This is the news. Not that the middle class has been eroded by the social recession and the outmoded habit of separated classes

Black-eyed forever

The origins of makeup for men – Perhaps we wanted to write just how much we did not want to be ‘normal’ on our faces


It is easy to understand how much gardens can reveal of the human being, recalling the story of Versailles and how much each king expressed of himself

Three love story

They never became families, they never had children, but these three interrupted and suffered loves inspired the history of literature, art and fashion


I believe in beauty and I believe in hard graft. Those are the bourgeois values, and the values of Milan; of the lady sketched by Miuccia Prada, or the Tullio Pericoli cover where he shows Lina Sotis with a quill pen that’s larger than she is


Photography Alexander Wessely, Art Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Styling Giulio Casagrande, Hair Mickael Jauneau, Make-up Arianna Campa, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Photography Assistant Fredrik Nattero, Prop stylist Athanasia Spathis, Production Annalaura Masciavé, Model Anya Lyagoshina @thesociety


Photography Guillame Roemaet, Styling Sergio Zambon, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Daniela Maginetti, Make-up Giorgia Pambianchi, Casting Director, Simone Bart Rocchietti, Photography Assistants Kevin Drelon, Fashion Assistant Sara Baldini, Ilaria Poloni, Production Hotel Production, Models Umberto @independent, Augustine @elite, Paulina @special managment, Caro @women, Irka @brave


Photography Allyssa Heuze, Styling Arthur Arbesser, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Loris Rocchi, Make-up Giorgia Pambianchi, Casting Director Simone Bart Rocchietti, Photography Assistants William Fleming Alessio Keilty Fashion Assistants Sara Baldini Ilaria Poloni Francesca Donofrio Production Hotel Production Models: Antonia @specialmanagment, Camilla @img, Paola @fashionmodel, Noemi @modabooker. Special Thanks to Galleria Viasaterna and Anticamera Location Agency.

Big Sur Memories

Peony and African cocoa flower – on a base of Turkish rose, with hints of ginger. The perfume seeks that euphoria that explodes when in California, at the Post Ranch Inn, your eyes widen before a shower of shooting stars


Photography Amanda Charchian, Styling Edward Buchanan, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Gabriele Trezzi, Make-up Cosetta Giorgetti, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Manicurist Annarel Innocente, Photography Assistants Luca Scavone and Alessio Keilty, Fashion Assistants Sara Baldini and Ilaria Poloni, Production Hotel Production, Model Alexandra Elisabeth @thesociety

Replication and Imitation

Balenciaga is currently being sued by car air freshener firm Little Trees. The upset concerns the highly recognizable form of the tree-shaped air freshener that hangs from so many rear-view mirrors

The Kanye decade

There’s just one slight problem hindering my point of view on influence by the black scene in this blob called Streetwear: I am a white European. As such, I unfortunately have more questions than answers

The 27 Club – plus one

Schiele and Basquiat. The aura of the greats, too fragile, perhaps, to cope with world criticism, or even success. Genius and wildness. Luck or damnation

Vivamayr, Altaussee

Three meals per day to be eaten in silence, sitting at one’s table – alone - on a patio with a view of the lake. No talking allowed, no reading or writing. Maximum concentration as you eat


In the most beautiful stories of true love, as in every marriage, we don’t want to agree on everything. Love is contrast, we are contradictions, right from the start: we live to die

From Streetwear to Snobwear

The questions are more interesting than the answers. In the latest fashion shows, all the designers devised their own version of Celine by Slimane - all except Hedi Slimane

LFW – a few highlights

The Burberry catwalk show began at 5 pm, under the Thames, in a former postal sorting office transformed into a monochromatic labyrinth. Kingdom is Tisci's first collection

Leonetta and the Pekaboo

Her generation and approach to fashion breaks away from the past. “My peers look for vintage Fendi items and have turned the logo into something personally theirs.

Hope for Sweden

he city of Stockholm carried a different air this season during fashion week. While collections showed, fashion continued and crowds gathered, there was an underlying uneasiness regarding the upcoming election that generated throughout the energy. Swedish contemporary brand, HOPE took absence this season- in light of the election- and rather took a political stance instead.


Photography Josh Hight, Styling Andrea Pompilio, Art Direction Susanna Cucco,  Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti, Street Casting Irene Germano @Simobartcasting, Photographer Assistant Jack Snell, Fashion Assistants Elia Barcellesi, Clara Carcano, Ilaria Poloni, Aida Zahabi, Production Annalaura Masciavè


Photography Marlon Rueberg, Styling Antonio Marras, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti, Street Casting Irene Germano @Simobartcasting, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Fashion Assistant Sara Baldini, Photography Assistant Riccardo Ferri, Production Annalaura Masciavè


Photography Lorenzo Vitturi, Styling Lucio Vanotti, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Groomer Giorgia Pambianchi, Set Designer Natasha Piper, Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti,  Retouching Matteo Vallè, Producer Annalaura Masciavè, Model Mahany Pery @Special Management


Photography Cameron McCool, Styling Fausto Puglisi, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Massimo Gamba, Make-up Luciano Chiarello, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Photography Assistant Luca Scavone, Set Assistant Carlo Notarangelo, Production Annalaura Masciavè,  Models Chiara Hovland and Andrei Coiana  

Black Community supremacy

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The African American community is working the system: from the Kardashians to the talent of Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West. Supreme rap talent and media power.

Bourgeois epic

Text Matteo Mammoli. Brooks Brothers celebrates 200 years, now with 280 stores in the United States and more than 700 in over 45 countries around the world.

A saddle-shaped bag

In the somewhat debasing language of a fashion system, it would be just another IT Bag. For those who wish to be less trite, the Dior Saddle Bag means marketing and culture, in the best of summaries.

Nostalgia of fashion and culture

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The company Zegna, icon of formal and Italian clothing, decided to enter into the debate on Streetwear. Its intervention was based on the cultural and aesthetical content, recalling Oscar Niemeyer, his shapes made of reinforced concrete, his rhythms, signs and harmonies.

In Italy, on the loose

We have looked for the most peculiar floorings. As of late, while the new trend on Instagram is to take pictures of feet over majolica or intarsia floors, we have been after the five most beautiful floorings that actually exist

What will remain of these Street years?

Text Jacopo Bedussi. Following June’s menswear session, there’s a feeling of suspension. After having achieved the peak of the street parabola, now we are facing an alienating standstill. Today, Streetwear is a blob which has chewed everything – but what is it going to happen?

Sebastiano Mauri about Favola

Text Matteo Mammoli. "The more a woman toils at home, the more beautiful she is in the eyes of her husband", this is the law in use in the Fifties in America.  Mrs Fairytale declaims this, with her hair set and her puffy dress, quickly moving from one hall to another of her bourgeois house – waiting for her husband to come back.

The Rocker Poet

Many have arrived, it was the last evening of the men’s fashion shows in Milan. In honor of Paul Smith

Art tribe for Cartier

Too awkward, in flight, to read the time on the pocket watch - Santos Dumont complained to Louis Cartier in Paris, during the Belle Époque

Pitti report

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Rapper pants for legs dancing at Venice Beach, volumes interplay with the body without nagging it, fabrics, grammage and composition, after one or ten washings, is a competitive topic. In brief, the catchline is: when it comes to clothes, the more you know, the cooler you are.

Björk returns

Text Jacopo Bedussi. In 2001 the swan dress of the Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski. People will talk about it everywhere, among charts, loves, hates, parodies, so much to earn a “the Björk’s swan dress” page all for itself on Wikipedia. Interviewed on the subject, «It is just a dress» she replies. What comes next is less aesthetic and more music.

Maier leaves Bottega Veneta

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Tomas Maier remembered a dress by Yves Saint Laurent - the model walked along the catwalk, it was impossible to understand how she had come into that dress, in that space. Fashion for Bottega Veneta is architecture for fashion.

Milano, Milano, Milano

Text Cesare Cunaccia. “It was as if we were drunk on success”, says Bob Krieger. He is referring to the Italian fashion explosion in the Seventies and Eighties, which brought about a total makeover for Milan. Bob Krieger came to Milan in 1967 and never left. His existence is full of superb anecdotes, and unforgettable encounters.

Chateau d’Artigny, Montbazon

The patio of the castle overlooks a precipice, difference in height without vertigo. Start from here, from Chateau d’Artigny. The chronicles among the flowers - every rose, every mulberry tree and raspberries in the streams

Anlaids – Art&Aids

An initiative that involves numerous personalities from the entertainment, fashion, culture, art and sport fields, invited to create a work to be transformed into a fundraising tool

A new sexual revolution

Liberated says  what are the American Spring Breaks and what college and university students do in the few days they have free each year: sex

Panas’ Athens

Text Cesare Cunaccia. In Athens, but also throughout Greece, Panas Group is a definition of hospitality and quality of unique locations in every respect.

200 years of Cova

Text Giuseppe Fantasia. In France like in Italy, Cafés plays a key role in social life, a sort of private a public salon together. A reference point for cafés in Milan, on the corner of via Montenapoleone and via Sant’Andrea, turns two-hundred and celebrates with a book published by Assouline.

Reverse migration

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. Instead of getting the artisans to the city, the Indian designer Rahul Mishra went to them and created a network.

Paul Getty and the Seventies

Text Francesco Musolino. 1973. It was a hot day in July when John Paul Getty III was being kidnapped in Rome. For his deliverance, the ‘ndrangheta asks for seventeen million dollars.

Drake and Virgil Abloh X Amex

In the desert to soul-search. In Miami, a dj-set for Drake and Virgil Abloh – it is the Platinum House. "The question is to do things, not to buy things", says Janey Whiteside

Love is always complicated

Text Carlo Mazzoni. While Italy is facing a crisis in which the secondary school certificates melt away like ice in hell, in France, Ghesquière transforms his aesthetic taste in complication, love and culture. Italy will return to its intellectual supremacy in Europe – meanwhile we experience the beauty of Paris gardens.

Mexican Rodeo in Chantilly

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Sweet-sounding South America expands the vision of the Mexican rodeo and blends with the harpsichord of Chantilly’s rooms. The sovereign is an alchemist, a bit Merlin, a bit Tiger Man – anyway the husband of a queen of France. Yesterday evening, the Cruise collection by Dior was presented. #DiorCruise

A letter to Philip Roth

Text Nicola Manuppelli. The feeling is strange, halfway between sorrow and reconciliation, as I read about the death of Philip Roth.

Behind the scenes of Room 101

Text Enrico Remmert. What’s the secret to write a good film?». And the master replied: «The secrets are three: the plot, the plot and the plot.

Artuner, Eugenio Re Rebaudengo

Text Rocco Moliterni. Eugenio Re Rebaudengo talks about the beginning of Artuner, the platform that has now become fully part of the international art market. From online platform to 'hybrid' platform, today it offers between five and eight exhibitions per year acting as a showcase for over one hundred artists

Alexander Mcqueen – the movie

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Lee Alexander McQueen committed suicide at the age of forty, a few hours after the funeral of his mother Joyce. McQueen abandoned his real name Lee, under suggestion of his muse and discoverer Isabella Blow, who also committed suicide in 2007.

Genesi – Sebastião Salgado

Text Domenico Paris. The photographic collection Genesi by Sebastião Salgado will be on display at the Palace of Venaria until 16th September.

Painting what cannot be painted

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. Bonotto, Italian textile factory based in Vicenza and foundation for art, exhibits the works of three-hundred artists.

The devil and the Amfar

Text Maria A. Crespi. Pierce Brosnan arrived on purpose. Leonardo Di Caprio remained at home but Sting and Shaggy were celebrated guests, with Grace Jones who will be seventy years old on Saturday. At the Hotel Du Cap in Antibes, usually heavily guarded, where the charitable beauty night has been spent for years.


Text Valerio Piperata. She has her face covered with a pink lace mask and sunglasses. She is very young, she will not be twenty-five years old.

That night in Turin

During the International Book Fair, we marked the sixty years since the first publication of Capote’s novel

Wild love-struck

Text Carlo Mazzoni. In 1957, David Attie was thirty-six years old. He was an illustrator of posters, billboards and covers and was having a hard time of it; newspapers were shifting from drawings to photos, with the streets of Soho and the Village a magnet attracting wild, love-struck artists.

Walking with Hank

The  jazz lifestyle of a writer and translator of American literature, amidst reflections and talks with his dog Hank

The Turin International Book Fair

"Independent publishers will be there as well as major groups – the director Nicola Lagioia announced – it’s impossible to imagine the publishing scene in our country without one group or the other"

Chanel in Hyères

Text Lampooners. Mademoiselle used to say: «Je veux être de ce qui va arriver». Still today, Chanel carries on the values of its founder.

A yacht anchored in Paris

Text Carlo Mazzoni. A ship was rebuilt inside the Grand Palais and Paris relives the novel of the early twentieth century. Chanel's Cruise Collection: combinations of pink, silver and teal. An old song by Celentano, the sprung one, at the end Go West by the Pet Shop Boys.

La Cupa

Text Cesare Cunaccia. La Cupa, being acted out at the Stabile Theatre in Naples until 6th May, is a sort of collective nightmare, rather than a theatre experience.

The Mother of Pearl in Milan

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The pink and green marbles blend with the grey, the acid and iridescent green, the blue ones of the runway show. In a fashion discourse based on materials, stones and different textures of fabric and marble. A reasoning on the mother-of-pearl dedicated to Armani can mark a synthesis.

From Proust’s armchair

Text Sara Magro.  Armchair Tourism restricts the range of action to one room. Its perfect, though unwitting endorser is Marcel Proust.

A British Tale

Text Paolo Armelli. London, 20 February 2018. The first time in her sixty-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II is attending a fashion show. The reason being that she is about to present the first Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to Richard Quinn; the designer accepts the award in a T-shirt and baseball cap.

Shall We

As in the best love stories, one need not agree on everything. Pathetic maxims – when you’re in love, as you well know, nothing else counts. From the pulpit, the priest would begin his sermon: “Let us skip the first reading as it is depressing. Whoever wrote it was suffering from poor digestion

Palazzo Avino

The walls are pink. Palazzo Avino is a hotel opened since 1997, located in Ravello, between Positano and Vietri. At the entrance a flower cart, on the piano the pink hyacinths, the Creed’s perfumes in the boutique


Photography Alexander Wessely, Styling Anna Hughes-Chamberlain, Fashion Editing Giulio Casagrande, Model Liene Podina @Models1, Hair Federico Ghezzi, Make up Kristina Vidic, Manicurist Liga Tukmane, Digital Tech Fredrik Nätterö, Photography assistant Max Barlow, Fashion assistant Jessica Tarbard, Production Annalaura Masciavè


Photography Nick Knight, Executive producer Charlotte Knight, Stylist Charlotte Roberts, Model Jazzelle Zanaughtti @storm management, Hair Martin Cullen@streeters, Make up Lisa Eldridge@streeters, Manicurist Hannah Bond, Hair assistant Freddie Leubner, Make up assistant Jessie Richardson, Photography team Brett Lloyd, Rob Rusling, Tom Alexander, Sander Gabriel and Joe Colley, Production manager Riana Casson, Production assistant, Mariana Caldeira, Lallie DoyleFashion assistant Issy Martin

The Mystery of Donald C.

Text Francesco Musolino. Donald Crowhurst’s exploits relive in the movie The Mystery of Donald C. with Colin Firth in the role of the protagonist.


Photography Rankin, Styling Kim Howells, Creative Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Model Sedona Legge @Next, Hair Nick Irwin, Make up James O'Riley, Manicurist Michelle Class, Make up assistant Virginia Bertolani, Photography assistants Jack Chamberlain, Micaela McLucas, Ben Duah, Juan Covelli, Derrick Kakembo, Ludovica Girotto, Conor Clarke, Digital Tech Neil Bennet, Fashion assistants Emi Papanikola, Femi Hurley-Scott

Gabriella Crespi

Text Michela Tamburrino. She was not interested in mass production; she wanted unique objects while she collected antique art, she studied intelligent living systems, cutting-edge experimentation. One of the few women who in 1973 managed to get into China and to export mats made with plant fibers.

Pio Manzù

Text Rocco Moliterni. A Manzù table and a Manzù chair will be on display at the Milan Furniture Fair, one way to appreciate the contemporary quality of this industrial designer who was taken away from us too soon. The creator of Parentesi lamp, a two-man job with Achille Castiglioni, Flos creative director at that time.

Marni’s Vereda

Text Giacomo A. Minazzi. For the Salone del Mobile 2018 Marni has recreated a Colombian Vereda. A sober, almost decommissioned entrance. Inside, the colours.

Three (not) easy pieces

Text Micol A. Beltramini. Matteo De Ponti e Laura Macagno parlano della loro creatura: il brand di design Colé, fondato a Milano nel 2011.

A garden in Via Bagutta

Text Carlo Mazzoni. On the other side of Via Bagutta, at the bottom of the courtyard of Palazzo Reina, recently restored by the heirs of de Balcany, the Paper Moon Giardino opens its doors: a green lawn finds fresh water, glass canes, roses and laurels – under that linden tree which is the most secret one in Milan.

Burberry Peacock Blue

Post-industrial charm of the old Milan, on a Saturday night: a party in a place hidden at the end of a gravel street

Art / Power

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Kiton turns fifty by opening its Milan headquarters to the public with the exhibition The Elegant Man.

The Kidz are Alright!

Text Jacopo Bedussi. On Thursday evening the show by Nicola Guiducci was inaugurated at PlasMA, open to the public until the second week of May.

The Milanese Art Week

Text Rocco Moliterni. Today the 23rd edition of miart inaugurates. There are 184 galleries: the dialogue between modern, contemporary art and design is consolidated.

Villa Borsani

Text Gianni Biondillo. It is as though the house is floating, suspended in time, hibernating for the past ten years and just waiting to wake up. The house was built in 1944, sophisticated and modern, yet also elegant and domestic. Arredamenti Borsani Varedo (ABV) was thriving and Gaetano’s two sons were collaborating with their father.

The Trench culture

Text Angelica Carrara. We await the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci. The trench coat, symbol of the maison, lends itself to styling games. Magazines and platforms in the world have soon given rise to an aesthetic conversation, about the trench. HypeBeast plays on digital, The Fashionable Lampoon opens a styling session.

Love and abandonment

The novel by Sara Gamberini, Maestoso è l'abbandono, tells about love that assails you, even after its separation

Air, or better, new art in Venice

A man sitting alone at the table, made of wax with a wick on his head, and a woman’s head in the branches of a tree. Two new events on contemporary art on the Grand Canal

Albert Watson on show to celebrate Blumarine

Text Giuseppe Fantasia. More than one hundred 'old photos' as the Scottish photographer ironically defined them, who has taken twelve campaigns in the Eighties and in the Nineties for the Maison of roses. At Palazzo dei Pio in Carpi, from tomorrow until 17th June, the show Albert Watson. Fashion, Portraits & Landscapes.

Think green, Milano

Text Elena Azzola. Until April 18th the Rinascente in Milan presents The Green Life, a tribute to the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in September.


Caravaggio, divine and demonic. Supreme grace in his art and a life in revolt, against decorum and against the law. He painted sanctity and embraced sensuality - his work is disturbing because nobody else was as clever at producing a synthesis of the two. His painting entitled Bacchus, depicting the Greek god Dionysus says it all

Rick Owens, the visions

Text Francesca Scotti. Owens the wizard, the shaman, the fashion heir of David Lynch or Joseph Beuys, reinterprets the being beyond the gender.

The strength of Versace

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The simplicity of the light, a lamé dress, silvery and sparkling. The prints were produced using four-colour printing – Versace was the first to print with eighteen colours, sometimes even twenty. Andy Warhol gave Gianni permission to use his paintings in his clothes. More is more – Neo Baroque.


Photography Charlotte Abramow, Stylist Francesca Pinna, Editor in Charge Alessandro Fornaro, Model Eleonore Wismes, Hair Vincent De Morro, Make up Ophelie Secq, Photography assistant Julien Dauvilliers, Stylist assistant Maria Bonfà, Producer Annalaura Masciavè, Special thanks to Nizar El Tayeb

Eve Babitz, la femme fatale di Jim Morrison

Text Andrea Dusio. An illustrator, writer and man-eater. Too many lives within a single head to be taken seriously by the literary society of the time. However, in her novels she always seems to be about to die of boredom, wearied of her compulsive sexual appetites that she never managed to transform into love.

Terry O’Neill’s pop world

Text Domenico Paris. Icons, the English photographer’s retrospective will be on show until 20th May at Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome.


Photography Alexander Beckoven, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Model Yana Dobroliubova @ next, Make up Maurizio Massari @ FACE TO FACE, Photography assistant Riccardo Ferri, Digital assistant Arnaldo Abba, Post-production Luca Trevisani

David di Donatello Awards 2018

Text Lampooners. The signatories of the Dissenso Comune Manifesto have brought protest against discrimination on the stage of the ceremony.

The man of 2018

It’s about what will prove to be up-to-date as regards aesthetics in the future: in fashion, films, TV – generally in the media. Two men. The first man is the protagonist of Guadagnino’s movie

Aman, Venice

In January there is stillness. At sunset of frost and there is silence on the Grand Canal. It seems strange. Venice in winter, without the Carnival and Christmas. The Aman Hotel has been housed in one of Venice’s historic buildings

Aman Venice

In January there is stillness. At sunset of frost and there is silence on the Grand Canal. It seems strange. Venice in winter, without the Carnival and Christmas. The Aman is a lit fireplace, a card game in the afternoon, a dinner in the calli

Hotel Suvretta House, St. Moritz

In Saint Moritz, behind the last hill on the water edge, the most beautiful hotel in the world appears in the midst of fir trees: Suvretta. It overlooks the Lake Silvaplana. It soars as stronghold before the Engadine villas

#DDD18 – Digital Design Days

Text Marvin Notarangelo. From 16 to 18 March, Milan will be the capital of digital design. Fifty world speakers and ten workshops expected.

Liu Bolin, King Chameleon

A conversation with the invisible man. He trained at the Central Academy of Applied Arts as a student of the artist Sui Jianguo


Text Carlo Mazzoni. Hermès is complicated, like a novel with multiple narrators that unfolds on three axes of time.

Oscar 2018

The ninetieth Annual Academy Awards, reflective of reform. Fashion took anonymity, as guests wore vulnerability instead

Milan is a gesture of love

Text Giacomo A. Minazzi. The centre of the city is shaped like a heart. A wedding present dating back to 1600, by a King for his Queen.

Portrait Firenze, Florence

A hotel along the Arno overlooks the Ponte Vecchio – the Portrait of Florence. It turns to the east, in the morning the sun enters from a wide open window on the third floor room


Photography Ralph Mecke, Styling Yana Kamps, Art Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Model Harleth Kuusik @ elite, Hair Mauro Zorba, Make up Maurizio Massari, Set designer Luigi Battaglia, Producer Giulia Bertossi, Special thanks toROBERTAEBASTA, Galleria d’Arte antiquaria

Anna Dello Russo

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Change – Anna taught me the concept. Fashion is the literature of the time that is passing, and that scientific laboratory of aesthetics has rules as rigid as those of chemistry. “Fashion looks like a circus, but in reality it involves absolute hard work”. In the throbbing engine, an obsessive rigour reigned.

Wearing Japanese art

Text Michele Zeni. The Maison Issey Miyake creates a graphic collection in memory of the designer Ikko Takana.

One million photos and his Foundation

A journey by images through his creative memory. Barbieri has produced more than a million pictures, immortalized the brands that have made the history of fashion in the 1980s and 1990s

The Revolution of Langosteria

Text Micol A. Beltramini. It is based on top-quality raw materials and atmosphere. Enrico Buonocore, owner of Langosteria, states this.

100 x 100 Achille

February the show dedicated to Achille Castiglioni is opening in Milan. To celebrate the centenary year of the architect’s birth, the homonymous foundation opens the doors of what was the studio

Handwriting is art

Opened in 1881, the year of Pinocchio by Collodi, since then Pettinaroli represents the Milanese spirit of handwriting


Photography Nikolay Biryukov, Styling Kim Howells, Models Lina Hoss @ next models, Erin Maia @ select model,Maddy Rich @ select model, Editor in Charge Alessandro Fornaro, Hair Keiichiro Hirano, Make up Marina Keri, Photography assistant Sarah Merrett, Digital tech Clare Lewington, Fashion assistant Emi Papanikola, Femi Hurley-Scott, Make up assistant Jessica Summer, Producer Annalaura Masciavè

Irene Brin’s World

Flavia Piccinni has included Irene Brin’s prose in Il Mondo. The book, published as a limited edition, includes for the first time a selection of the journalist’ stories, articles and thoughts


Magnifico - Magnificent - is the cover shot starring UglyWorldWide lensed by Nick Knight. Magnificent are the previously unpublished works by Émile Zola and Francis Scott Fitzgerald. And Magnificent is our new world, the new Lampoon. In Italy and in the world

Moncler Genius

Text Michele Zeni. The meeting place of eight creative minds who, maintaining their individuality, have only one goal: to tell the nuances of the ‘Maison del Galletto’, through eight different collections. If uniqueness is the force that defines identity, multiplicity is the essence of authenticity.

Sanremo 2018, on balance

Text Maria A. Crespi. Michelle Hunziker dominates, Claudio Baglioni in SIAE overdose and Pierfrancesco Favino with #favinonudo.

Inst-art-interview: Mark Conlan

Text Micol A. Beltramini. Si chiama digital wave o evoluzione dei caratteri, quell’arte istantanea che fa degli artisti di Instagram i nuovi influencer in rete.

Gulbenkian – it’s a Lisboom

A majolica of blue daisies from Turkey is the matrix of all Lampoon aesthetics, white petals rise like branches of the Euphrates - in a secluded room, there are the pieces of Lalique

The most handsome man in the world

N°5 is to France for a woman as Acqua di Giò is to Italy for a man. One of the best-selling perfumes in the world, always on top of selling lists. Renowned in his freshness and simplicity

Modigliani astounds London

The Tate Modern stages Modigliani, the most important Amedeo Modigliani’s artistic collection abroad. The main exhibition space is dedicated to his numerous women

Red-lights rooms

Text Sara E. Cervo. What is the condition of porn cinema? In Italy it has been relegated to closed screens, in the world it is well appreciated far beyond the niche.

Call me by your name

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The kiss scene was the first to be rehearsed. The two actors had just met, just arrived on the set. A not too grassy glade is the set of the rehearsal of scene no. 71 – the two actors skim over the script – there are no words in this scene, it’s all about making outpoking, kissing, touching each other.

Bulgari New Curiosity Shop

Text Lampooners. Silvers, gems, plumes, little pieces of furniture, knick-knacks – a workshop with every kind of wonder coming from far and wide. A futuristic version of that ancient Old Curiosity ShopAn antique shop, the first shop of Sotirio Bulgari is restored to life close to Bulgari headquarter.

Dior’ surrealism

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Bishops and queens, Dior’s flowers femininity gives the diagonal to military uniforms for a war of chess. From the ceilings, Dalì’s hands, halved watches, drunk redbreasts cages. Surrealism that arises from an analysis of the founder's art, from his curiosity for paranormal subjects.

A Mannerist Valentino

Taffetas, organza, crêpe de Chine, lace, layers of tulle and moiré, weaves of inlays and maxi overlapping frills

Dior – Paolo Roversi

Text Cesare Cunaccia. A solitary, introverted personality, deliberately far from the limelight, Roversi pursues a very conceptual idea and an incessant line of research in photography, using Polaroid film and a large format machine. The use of sfumato cancels the border between the models and the world around them.

Chanel Hyper Couture

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The shoulders of suits, the symbol of Chanel, enhanced and rounded looking at the Eighties, trapeze and flared silhouettes.

Art in a bag by Mr. Jeff Koons

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Jeff Koons, hotter than ever right now, meets the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton. And it all started with the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, than followed up Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet and Géricault. The signature of the collection is the bunny, reinterpreted by the artist himself. A true Koon-style manifest.

The Carrara school

Text Matteo Guarnaccia. The story of a tradition that begins from the ancient Rome and persists to the present day, thanks to the academy.

To the rhythm of silk

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The delight of music and the tactile one of silk come together against a masculine playground. Silk mix chez Hermès.


Photography Michael Avedon, Styling Dinalva Barros @b-agency, Creative Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Editing and Coordination on Set Costanza Maglio, Model Bara Podzimkova @elite model, HairJonathan Dadoun @b-agency, Make up Angie Moullin @b-agency, Manicurist Audrey Cheri @b-agency, Photography assistant Romain Mallard, Fashion assistants Fernando Silva, Michelle Consoli, Digital tech Hugo Lubin, Post-production Up studio

A pencil, before a dress

Text Cesare Cunaccia. An original Roberto Capucci will be on show at Palazzo Pitti in Florence: Capucci Dionisiaco, designs for the theatre.

Hotel MontChalet, Ortisei

On Monte Seceda there are secrets to discover: the botanicals. Among those of the Gin 8025, with zero sugar, there are stone and mountain pine cones. Down in the valley, in Ortisei, the last five-star Hotel MontChalet smells of stone pine


An unpublished work by Sinclair Lewis. He got the Pulitzer Prize for the novel in 1926, but he refused to withdraw it, with a letter we publish here for the first time in Italy. Sinclair, to date, remains the only one to have refused the Pulitzer. Instead, he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature, he was the first American to win it in 1930

Messrs Cuissardes

Text Luciano Lapadula. Over-the-knee boots have a troubled story: from war to fashion, to fetish as well.

Billie Achilleos, the maker of things

Text Angelica Carrara. She cannot live without scissors in her hand and have a distorted view of reality – when she looks at a bag, she'll find a rabbit snout. After her debut in a theatre where she made puppets, now she's engaged in the art of making things. Billie designed creatures also for Lampoon.


Text Angelica Carrara. The woman at the center of the world. Round. Like the feminist tarot cards of Vicki Noble that inspire the Dior Tarots.

The dog cloner

Text Sara E. Cervo. How much would you pay to restore your four-legged friend to life? You just need a good bank account and a DNA sample.

Albergo Bucaneve

Ermenegildo Zegna is close-knit to his territory. Casa Zegna and the wool mill collect the water from the Alps of Biella region, the wool from New Zealand up to Mongolia. The hotel Bucaneve is hidden a midst of these mountains

Gold and coconuts in Cuba – The Diplomats

Text Carlo Mazzoni. A journey that narrates the Havana post-revolution, the one crystallized by the embargo by the United States of America. The city tells everyone what is socialism, where to find still stilt houses e polished Cadillacs; three-wheeler taxis, ivory and t-shirt with Che Guevara's face.

Water with a mission: WAMI

Text Giacomo A. Minazzi. Water with a Mission, a humanitarian project with a new format: before they build pits in Africa, then you finance them.

Olio by Michael Avedon

The video of the Olio shooting by Michael Avedon for the Magnifico issue, for The Fashionable Lampoon.

Artificial Intelligence: Is it a yes or a no?

Text Sara Emma Cervo. Future seems to be more and more certain for artificial intelligence. The United Arab Emirates establish a dedicated ministry aiming at a city on Mars in one hundred years. In the meantime, Elon Musk, father of Tesla and PayPal, points out that this will become the cause of the Third World War.


Photography and Creative Direction Alexander Beckoven, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Model Anna @womanmanagement, Cristiano @bravemodels, Polina @specialmanagement, Hair Manuela Malena using ColorfulHair and Serie Expert byL’Oréal Professionnel, Make up Valter Gazzano using Tatouage Coutureby YSL Beauté, Manicurist Miriam Dotti estetica Lazzate / Monza, Photography assistants Jacopo Vimercati, Gabriele Cialdella, Digital tech Emanuele De Rossi, Post-production Alessandra Distaso, Producer Guja Quaranta, Irene Rei, Special thanks to Franca Parisi,Siki Red Fins

The Italian models

The most sought-after models by photographers, bookers and designers for the upcoming season. Every year, Elite Model Look designates them

Bitcoin, between lights and shadows

Text Francesco Musolino. After yesterday’s stock market crash, the bitcoin breaks into a new record today. The interview with Pietro Caliceti, author of BitGlobal.

Architecture in Tweed

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Those who speak about culture in fashion using their heart know that Chanel supremacy is a matter of fabric. Wefts and warps, sometimes still hand worked. Thick, covering yarns arise from a mix of metal, wool and silk finishing, ribbons and new materials – it almost seems to be science fantasy.

The instagrammers who have made fun of you all the time

Text Sara Emma Cervo. What if, before clicking like below a photo for inertia, we stop to evaluate the truth of its content and then we find out that it is a fake? A new hashtag on the net has revealed the lies: #TBT, or to be true. An example is the project of the three girl stereotypes of Amalia Ulman.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof

A fog river covers the Grand Hotel Kronenhof, the Grand Dame of the valley. The exterior is like a castle in a fairytale and the restaurant has the ambience of a theatre. The Kulm Hotel is in the same group

‘The Crown’ is back

Text Francesco Musolino. Are you all ready for the binge watching about Queen Elizabeth II’s life? From tomorrow, the second season on Netflix.

The Diplomats

The photographer Alex John Beck came to Milan, in Villa Litta, for a shooting for The Fashionable Lampoon.

Toulouse-Lautrec: “The fleeting world” of an aristocratic bohémien

Text Domenico Paris. It is being showcased in Milan at Palazzo Reale until 18th February 2018. Over 250 masterpieces of the artist and his life concentrated in one place, otherwise scattered around the world. Claudia Zevi, curator of the show, has explained us the artist’s point of view on nineteenth-century Paris.

Villa Mozart

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. Villa Mozart is a private dwelling in the centre of Milan. In its rooms, there are pieces of jewellery by Giampiero Bodino.

Nira Montana

Text Carlo Mazzoni. The valley, marked by these fortresses, was the entrance door of a land that gave birth to Italy’s Royal house. In a slope of winter shade and of summer chill, a new hotel is the destination of this journey along Aosta castles– the Nira Montana is a matter of details.

Joy Of Missin’ Out

Text Mario Schiani. The beauty and joy of not taking part. After years spent opening accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Klout and FourSquare – in the name of the fear of missing out – now it is seeking for the shadow. The luxury to organise their own lives without the spotlight today required by social relationships.

Sol LeWitt: Between the Lines

Text Alessandra Lanza. Timed with the tenth anniversary of his death, from November 17 to June 23, Milan provides the backdrop to Solomon ‘Sol’ LeWitt’s artistic research. We had a talk with the museum curator, Francesco Stocchi, to explain the artist's concept of communication between surroundings and art.

My name is my style: when photographers conquer the world

Text Simone Mosca. Milan, from 18th November 2017 to 10th February 2018. The 29 Arts in Progress Gallery today opens 'My name is my style' to the public. Five masters of contemporary photography confront over walls of portraits and artistic nudes. A show about their style and on how they still influence photographers of the last century.

Chanel Coco Crush

Keira Knightley gives her voice to Chanel for the new collection Coco Crush, singing a cover of Tourbillon de la vie by Jeanne Moreau.

Interview with Castelbajac, about future and Rossignol

Text Angelica Carrara. He made an artistic expression out of fashion, and also for this year, the French marquis signs the F/W collection for Rossignol. JC/DC, as his rapper friends call him, dreams of functional fashion yet with a poetic drive. He told us about his life, made of fashion, art and rock’n’roll.

Leading Wind – The Sailing Grand Prix of the city of Venice

Text Angelica Carrara. The Venice Hospitality Challenge, at its fourth edition, brings back sails in the Grand Canal. A regatta becomes a tradition. The Lagoon hotels meet on water to have the lead. An astonishing challenge amidst side canals and calle, and the San Marco cupolas.

A silent swoop

For this shooting Alexander Beckoven took inspiration by mermaids and Mongiardino's geometries.

David Lynch, the interview with his majesty

Text Micol Beltramini. The third interview from the Rome Film Fest. A man of few words, except for memories. The memories that touched him and stayed with him, like the encounter with Fellini before he passed away: «I held his hand. (...) What was happening in cinema made him sad».

An Italian salotto

Text Angelica Carrara. It’s called Ecrudo and it’s the new restaurant all about Italy located on via Savona. Harmony is synonymous with the ideal balance between discreet furniture and good cooking based on ingredients made more flavorsome by the sun, the sea and soil of the Bel Paese.

Nick Cave: no more cursed rock?

Text Andrea Dusio. Tonight the concert in Milan, and in two days in Rome. His past is marked by excesses, the redemption after his son’s death.

Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

Text Micol Beltramini. The second interview from the Rome Film Fest 2017. An actor who does not stop at prejudice: «People often ask me if I was aware of the risk I was taking at the time. Risk? (...) I saw Brokeback Mountain from the beginning as a beautiful love story».

The bond of Fendi and Bernini

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The Borghese Gallery houses the genius of Bernini, thanks to the commitment of Fendi for the beauty of the city of Rome.

Sex Pistols Anniversary

Text Domenico Paris. Twenty years ago, the rock market, already saturated, was revolutionized with their album. This is how the punk genre was born.

Fendi Studios

Text Cesare Cunaccia. An exhibition and a set at EUR in Rome. At the Maison’s HQ to be the protagonist of the movies on the big screen.

Postcards for the Duchess

The Lady asked Piero Lissoni to design the new headquarter of Fantini Rubinetterie: a building of glass, gently surfacing amidst willows and brooms. On the edge of the park of the manor house, there is a small hotel like a diamond

Fall in book

Text Gian Paolo Serino. In one week we will have the solar time, this means longer nights to read four books, all snuggled in warm blankets.

About Hokusai

Text Domenico Paris. Interview with Rossella Menegazzo, curator of the exhibition in Rome to compare the artist with his students.

The Ballad of a Nun

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The italian 17th century, between glories and misfortunes. The story behind The Nun of Monza. Countess and Lady of Monza, lady Maria Anna personally managed and collected the relative taxes in the Lombard city at the gates of Milan. She will be always remembered for her forbidden love.

Leaves for reading

Text Gian Paolo Serino. The foliage brings a spoonful of change also in the publishing. Five books to read to boost one’s ego.

The Manga Wonderland

Text Domenico Paris. Until January 21 Rome will host the largest ever selection of original artworks from Asian comics.

My Beautiful Laundrette

Text Angelica Carrara. The dry-cleaner by Hermés where your Carré is given new life. After in Turin, it will be in Bologna and Palermo shortly.

Unreleased Front Matters

Text Gian Paolo Serino. Exclusively for Lampoon, the prelude that opens the first novel by Magda Szabó, the world’s most translated Hungarian writer.

Madame F.

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The concept of Exotic in an array of fleeting yet precise frames. Fendi does not want to restrict its desire for metamorphosis and fevered experimentation of a thousand iridescent flashes, on materials, inserts, and highly skilled artisan workmanship. Bags and clutches that retain their essence.

Intimissimi On Ice: A legend of beauty

Text Angelica Carrara. The Arena di Verona was iced over for the Intimissimi gala. Greek literature was in the spotlight with figure skating. Very special guests like the 'czar' of ice Evgenij Pljuščenko and tenor Andrea Bocelli. Aphrodite of Knidos, the burning Trojan horse and a parterre de rois.

Corita Nuns

Text Claudia Bellante. Sister Mary Corina was like Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein, yet she was also a woman and a nun.

To Be Or Not To Be (COOL)

Text Domenico Paris. What does it mean to be cool? And when does something cease to be cool? Gaetano Cappelli tells us all in his latest book.


Text Raffaella Silvestri. Between the X Generation and the too blurry Millennials. A transit generation from which the leaders of the next forty years will come out. Those thirty-year-olds are trying to do their best with all that was left them by a generation for which everything was more consistent.

Not Another Boxeur Story

Text Domenico Paris. An authentic boxing champion from the Twenties, who today is still remembered for his sparkling life, full of excess.

Milano Film Festival is back

Text Alessandro Beretta. The well-known organiser of the Independent Film Festival, to be held from 28th September to 8th October in Milan, shares it with us.

Mirror mirror

Text Lampooners. The location for Dior’s womenswear fashion show. In twenty days, eighty people have created a space covering a surface of more than two-thousand square metres.

Franca: Chaos and Creation

The film is released at nearly one year since the death of the ex-founder of Vogue Italia. The feature film, shot by Francesco Carrozzini, is based on a clear idea, intense also for those who have nothing to do with fashion. Risk and chaos are essential conditions for the creative process of an unprecedented result.

The vanity of modern men

Text Matilde Quarti. From metrosexual to spornosexual: care for body and attention to face and hair cosmetics has become a common male’s attitude, especially in Europe – Italy and France – where the interest for fashion and appearance has always been a part of men’s daily routine, both successful and not.

A volcano of no

Text Valerio Piperata. When a song cites all available music trends, words can be only non-sense to fit right.

SHE – Interview with Viviane Sassen

Text Alessandra Lanza. The Dutch photographer arrives with an exhibition at Galleria Sozzani in Milan. «In my images, I talk about the love for manual works, about textures and the tactile quality of things, about the earth and baking bread. I do not do this in a literal way, but it is as if what I photographed represented a universal idea of femininity».

We Need Pets

Text Lampooners. The relationship between animals and humans becomes a cure. The rescuing doubles: from pet adoption to pet-therapy in hospitals.

Giancarlo Vigorelli

Text Gian Paolo Serino. Giancarlo Vigorelli – discoverer of Pierpaolo Pasolini – has always agitated for the censored and condemned intellectuals.

Grace & Graphic

Text Carlo MazzoniBeauty will save the world; ambiguity will save humankind. Grace and Graphic. Male and Female. Freedom of choice and moderation in consumption are the same thing. The veils are light, gauzes that move with the air – over geometric inserts in silk and cut-outs of modern damask.


Photography Zach Gold, Styling Lisa Bae, Art Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Editing and Coordination on Set Costanza Maglio, Model Kirin Dejonckheere @dmanagement, Hair Noogie, Make up Holly Silius, Photography assistants Kurt Mangum, Colin Smith, Post-production Scott Grover, Fashion assistant Kita Lewis, Hair assistant Trent Keel, Producer Michael Skiny Power, Special thanks to Flower AveStudio 60

The Pin-Up was born in Italy

Text Luciano Lapadula. From 1937,  the covers of Le Grandi Firme magazine shown illustrations of cheerful girls, who distracted the readers from the war.

Lampoon Libri: Compulsion

Text Gian Paolo Serino. A society shaken to the core, like the rest of America, in front of what had been designed to be the ‘perfect crime’.

On the silver screen

Text Angelo Ruggeri. In Milan, an appointment with the fashion and cinema kermesse, founded and directed by Constanza Cavalli Etro.

Beached books

Text Gian Paolo Serino. More than under the beach umbrella many Italians seem to prefer books from the last beach. We asked Serino for advice.

The Golden Ass by Apuleius

Text Matteo Guarnaccia. The history of Lucius who instead of turning into a bird to feel the euphoria of flying, is turned into a donkey.

The Aspern Papers

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Based on the 1888 volume by American writer Henry James, The Aspern Papers revolves around an intricate sequence of events.


The Fashionable Lampoon together with Tiffany & Co. in Venice. A synergy: all that Lampoon has been making over the last years with Tiffany & Co.

The new Lampoon literary editor

Text Gian Paolo Serino. «After all, aesthetic cannot be argued. Aesthetic simply is. Aesthetic is lived and breathed. Aesthetic is us. Aesthetic is You».

Mina Vagante

Now online Mina Vagante Rhapsody - shot with love from The Fashionable Lampoon production set.


Photography Amanda Demme, Editing Alessandro Fornaro, Styling Phillip Morrison, Fashion Market Editing Costanza Maglio, Model Erika Linder @nextmodels, Hair Serena Radaelli @cloutier remix, Make up Kathy Jueng @forward artist agency, Photography assistant, Dale Gold, Digital tech HugoFashion, assistant Devon Jefferson, Special thanks to Misha Gibb

#KOS17 Populous

Text Angelica Carrara. He set Lisbon to music, with a trace of Saudade, dedicating it an album: Azulejos.

#KOS17 Giungla

Text Angelica Carrara. A character rarely found around. A sound culture, amidst music and literature, conscious awareness and a kind of roughness we like. 

#KOS17 Violante Placido

Text Angelica Carrara. A nonconformist artist, she relies on her versatility and complication of creative expression. 

#KOS17 Valentina Tioli

Text Angelica Carrara. Valentina Tioli is twenty-five. In 2013 she was performing on the stage of the Italian edition of X Factor as part of Mika’s team. That is where her music career started. She dreams of “living off music”. She loves R&B, soul and rap.

#KOS17 Charlie Siem

Text Cesare Cunaccia. In the last decade, he has become one of the most well-known classic violinists in the world. He has played confidently with the Who and Miley Cyrus. A superstar since 2001 with oodles of charisma.

#KOS17 Giulia Mazzoni

Text Angelica Carrara. She was born in 1989. She published two albums; the last one is Room 2401 (2016). A collaboration with Michael Nyman and constant studies at Verdi Conservatory in Milan. 

#KOS17 Ricciarda Belgiojoso

Text Angelica Carrara. She is committed to spreading music outside concert venues and into the streets. Ricciarda Belgiojoso is an artist and cultural manager.

#KOS17 Giovanni Andrea Zanon

Text Angelica Carrara. A youth prodigy who has already received international recognition. His words, from our brief interview below, are the testament to the calibre of his determination and the breadth of his intelligence.

#KOS17 Birthh

Text Angelica Carrara. A 20-something year old with a Tuscan accent. She wishes for the lyrics of her songs to sound like a poem by Montale.

#KOS17 Fortunato Zampaglione

Text Angelica Carrara. Multi-platinum song writing artist whose credits span from Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo for Francesco Renga and Mengoni’s trilogy  - Guerriero, Ti ho voluto bene veramente, Sai che (Ed: all written by him!) to Cieli Immensi for Patty Pravo.

#KOS17 Dargen D’Amico

Text Angelica Carrara. Troubadour, intellectual rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and disk jockey from Italy. His latest project, Variazioni, succeeded in bringing together hip-hop and classical music.

#KOS17 Christaux

Text Angelica Carrara. A jagged soul in the midst of evolution. A desire for a change: the craving for an explosion is palpable.

#KOS17 Beatrice Venezi

Text Angelica Carrara. Born in 1990, Beatrice Venezi graduated in piano from the Siena Conservatory in 2010 followed, in 2015, by the diploma in orchestral conducting from what is considered one of the world’s most prestigious and tough music schools, the Verdi Conservatory, from which she graduated summa cum laude.

#KOS17 Michele Canova

Text Angelica Carrara. The first of the Italian record producers. A name that commands respect and introduces a great industry professional, which leads to the encounter with a man with a sincere desire to look forward - ahead into the future. The person behind an opening into the international global scene, which had no precedents in the history of Italian music.

#KOS17 Ex Otago

Text Angelica Carrara. Founded in Genoa in 2002, Ex-Otago can be defined as an indie pop band. Maurizio Carucci is the lead singer and front man, Simone Bertuccini and Francesco Bacci play respectively acoustic and electric guitar, Olmo Martellacci is the keyboard player and Rachid Bouchabla - the drummer.

Keep On Shining 2017

Keep On Shining was the theme of a beautiful celebration at Palazzo Pisani Moretta overlooking the Canal Grande in Venice. A celebration that is brought back this year - in partnership with Tiffany & Co. - at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello during the Venice Film Festival. Keep On Shining stands as a new manifesto, dedicated to talent.

Theda Bara: the lost vamp

Text Luciano Lapadula. The actress was the protagonist of the movie A Fool There Was; this role earned her the appellation of 'Vamp', a neologism that since then would have designated a long series of women with a mysterious soul and provocative beauty.

The Villa of Misery

Text Giovanni Gastel Junior. Guido Visconti di Modrone had just left for military school, the Savoia Cavalleria. The eldest of seven children, the son of Giuseppe Visconti and Carla Erba, he was a silent, single-minded young man, not aggressive but fiery in his strong-willed soul. His profile is a hymn to courage, with his military and civil conduct.

Capri c’est pas fini

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Well, Capri never dies out. Every year, the legend of the Island of the Mermaids gets stronger, despite the shuffling and bothersome masses of tourists fired off every day by colossal cruising boats at the port of Naples and a kind of glamour and trumpeted show-off already rather above the lines.

Silvia Urso Falck

Text Gian Paolo Serino. Exactly one year ago, after having fought against cancer with all her strength, Silvia Urso Falck died, example of style, elegance and culture who for decades has inspired many Women, not only in Milan. Silvia Urso Falck, who has been ever since in love with beauty, was also one of the last real aristocratic women.

Just (and almost) married

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Just one year of weddings, this 2017 arrived at the fateful turning point of Ferragosto. Of expected “big weddings”, above all.

The ethical choice of Elisabetta Franchi

Text Marco Maggio. «When fashion changes, she doesn’t» – the lyrics of Almeno tu nell’universo huge success by Mia Martini could be paraphrased this way, thinking about the only meeting that really counts for Elisabetta Franchi: the meeting with ethics, which commits to the cause of protection of those animals more in difficulty, collaborating with ENPA and LAV.

Free Gold, Liquid Gold

Text Andrea Scaglia. Louis saw her for the first time under the Ritz chandeliers, when the ‘City of Light’ was alight with excitement at the end of the First World War. Her elegance and charm making her almost untouchable, now thirty-one, but still the most desirable cocotte in all of Paris.

The Ferragamo Comedy

Text Angelica Carrara. Love that overwhelms the senses and obliges to be reciprocated. Intense. So intense it outlasts even death.

Rosa Barba at HangarBicocca

Text Alessandra Lanza. The sounds come from every corner of the room while colored light beams and images from moving projectors tell various stories.

Issey Miyake at Palazzo Reina

Text Ingrid Melano. The first flagship store Issey Miyake in Italy has been launched on the 15th of March in via Bagutta 12, in the middle of Quadrilatero della Moda. With a contrast between ancient and contemporary, the interiors project is curated by Tokujin Yoshioka. A five hundred square meter surface among ground floor and piano nobile.

L’armadio di Satie

Text Giovanni Gastel Junior. A downpour is the setting for a series of events featuring an anarchist who escaped an ambush from the French gendarmerie.

Holly Nichols Interview

Text Adelaide Striano. «My work isn’t so much exhibit-based, though I often showcase my work at local galleries over the summer» Holly Nichols said.

Haute Couture Fall Winter 2017-18

Text Cesare Cunaccia. The latest Parisian Haute Couture week has come to an end marking another edition charged with symbolic meaning and prestige. Chanel staged a compelling story made of such ingredients as tweed and gazaar skirts cut through by wonderfully crafted sculpted pleating. Wide volumes and feather appliques.


Text Jennifer Paccione. The liking to and perception of the house of Balenciaga in Paris was instantaneous. At full length of his career, Cristóbal Balenciaga risked social norm with his creativity and rebelled through his designs. Admirers of the fashion house adapted such character as they risked their safety in traveling to Europe.

Art in constant movement

Text Angelo Ruggeri. Movement. Undulation. Constant, irresistible restlessness. The same that affects populations and financial assets.

Secret side of Bagutta

Text Alessandra Lanza. Having dodged the swarming crowds of people at Piazza San Babila and steered clear of any pedestrians loaded with precious cargo parading along via Montenapoleone, walking down via Bagutta is to found yourself in an altogether different Milan. There is no pavement to jostle against other people on a Saturday.

June is for men

Text Cesare Cunaccia. June, for the fashion crowd, is men’s month. Men’s grand tour kicked off with Pitti, in Florence, lashed, this year by a tropical heat. The Florence event featured numerous highlights, happenings and cocktail parties. Like the dinner thrown by Brunello Cucinelli, at the bottom of Fiesole, in Villa Palmieri, amidst hedges.

Summer wools

Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. To talk about wool, knitwear and cashmere is to take a journey. It means traveling from the peaks of Mongolia to the top of the South American mountains; it is going back to the Phoenicians and the Greeks who used to trade it thousands of years ago to end in eighteenth century Spain.

La Milanesiana

Text Angelica Carrara. La Milanesiana, an outstanding event bringing together cinema, music, art, science and philosophy, runs from June 22 to July 13.

Le Grand Bal Dior

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Backstage at Dior haute couture, dynamic excitement of concentrated ritual. We are in an ephemeral pavilion erected in the garden of the Musée Rodin in Paris. In many ways, it is like tackling a fantastic journey through silken curtains of myth, losing yourself in a creative laboratory where everything comes together purely.

Carla Fendi

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Carla Fendi (born in 1937) passed away yesterday, at the age of 80, following a long illness. She was the fourth of the five legendary Fendi sisters – they have been described as ‘the five fingers of the same hand’ – that contributed to make the Roman Maison great.

Apple Design Awards 2017

Text Lampooners. On Monday, June 5, the twentieth edition of Apple Design Awards, which recognize excellence in design, innovation and technology.

#ArchGreen: Stefano Boeri

Text Adelaide Striano. Interview with architect Stefano Boeri: from urban visionary projects to designing architecture and open spaces. #MilanoArchWeek

Music around the world – all the must-see 2017 Summer Festivals

Text Mattia Conti. A small map for all those who wish to live this summer 2017 like the characters of Song to SongSouth by Southwest. The film hit cinema theaters in May, as if to open an eventful season following indie rock and electronic beats: «I thought we could just roll and tumble, live from song to song, kiss to kiss».

LOEWE X Paula’s

Text Angelica Carrara. Peace and love. It was the manifesto of a generation. The Summer of Love. A declaration to life born out of a cultural revolution.

F is For Fendi

Text Carlo Mazzoni. I would call it a bond. The bond that unites a generation. The Fendi Bond unites a certain type of aesthetics, an attitude, a revolution. The world to a city: Rome. It looks like an online magazine. You enter, access the page F is For… A fluorescent emoji grins wickedly as the page explodes in a plethora of colours.


Text Cesare Cunaccia. The question of Mongiardino cannot be filed between the silence of architectural historians and the worship of veterans,” Giovanni Agosti comments in respect of Renzo Mongiardino. He was an ascetic interpreter who knew better than anyone the fine, mysterious line interweaving the past and the present.

Moët Hennessy x amfAR

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Summer Rocks! The euphoric rhythm of the bubbles, the brightness of its effervescence and the joy that inevitably comes with a flute.

K-Way Cashproof

Text Angelica Carrara. It’s a shopping revolution. And being a part of it is not a choice. K-Way, the waterproof brand par excellence, is also well-equipped.

Rubeus Milano

Report from Venice. The Fashionable Lampoon co-hosting Rubeus Milano the venetian private dinner at the Gritti Palace Hotel, honoring the Biennale Arte 2017

Twist and Wine

Text Angelica Carrara. One not only drinks the wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and one talks about it… Edward VII (1841 – 1910)

Hermès Behind The Scenes

Text Angelica Carrara. If art in its broader sense is made of those activities leading to creative forms of aesthetic expression, in its most sublime sense, it is the highest interpretation of the human being’s inner world. Like dance to a dancer.


Text Adelaide Striano. Interview of Nataly Abramovitch.Who and what have affected your art? «I think my fans effect my art. when I know something works, I explore why».


Text Cesare Cunaccia. Impossible Malapartes. One house, one thousand architectures is a highly rich and evocative illustrated story that focuses on a now legendary and universally famous building: Casa Malaparte on Capri. Amidst truth, interpretation and falsification, comes an unusual and fascinating medium for challenging ourselves.

Yoko and Claire behind the mirror

Text Enrica Murru. it’s the starting point of the cycle of exhibitions to be hosted in 2017 and 2018 by the French Academy in Rome thanks to the commitment of director Muriel Mayette-Holtz.

Daphne Groeneveld – Backstage

Text Emanuele Giacca. She was born the day before Christmas twenty-three years ago, in the small Dutch town of Leiderdorp, where it would seem they all look like her. You need to imagine Daphne’s expression as she replies as simply as possible. She has been compared to Brigitte Bardot, a leprechaun and a fairy. People find it reassuring.

Denim Day in Rome

Text Angelica Carrara. Location: Palazzo Barberini, Roma. In 1998, Rome’s Court of Appeal acquitted a man of raping a 18-year old woman. The Court claimed that the jeans worn by the woman were very tight, implying the victim was consensual. 

Denim Day in Rome

Text Angelica Carrara. Location: Palazzo Barberini, Roma. In 1998, Rome’s Court of Appeal acquitted a man of raping a 18-year old woman. The Court claimed that the jeans worn by the woman were very tight, implying the victim was consensual.

Tiffany at New York

Text Jennifer Paccione. A decorator of New York City’s history. The affair between Tiffany & Co. and the city of New York is as passionate as silver.

The New American Cinema Torino 1967

Text Giovanni Gastel Jr. Alla Fondazione Prada di Milano dal primo al trenta di aprile verrà proiettata la rassegna originale di film presentata al festival.

The Cool World, 1063 > 1963

Text Giovanni Gastel Jr. Fernanda Pivano said about New York's underground scene it was  the hottest event of that time. The Fondazione Prada in Milan.

The Dot Circle 2017 – Le storie

Text Micol Beltramini. Interview #TheDots -  Stefano Senardi is shooting a documentary film for Sky Arte. The film centers around the figure of Fernanda Pivano.


The Fashionable Lampoon Issue 9 Babylon introducing a Digital Visual Wave featured Daphne Groeneveld. The Palm Trees in front of Milan Cathedral. Babylon is the location where the dispute took place – Alexander the Great’s generals, the Diadochi, would have resorted to war, fighting against

Met Gala ‘Avant-Gard’

Text Angelica Carrara. Avant-garde. This was the theme of this year’s Met Gala, the fundraising ball chaired and hosted by Anna Wintour.

Met Gala ‘Avant-Gard’

Text Angelica Carrara. Avant-garde. This was the theme of this year’s Met Gala, the fundraising ball chaired and hosted by Anna Wintour.

The Dot Circle The Location – Mari&Co

Text Adelaide Striano. Immersed in green foliage, we are welcomed by a blossoming garden where lamps and iron elements intertwine and plants and white flowers grow. In a secluded corner, a  purple, peony-shaped table is embellished with golden leaves. Few steps lead to the first room. The interiors are furnished with works of art.

Coachella: Art and Music

Text Domenico Trapani. Dal 1999 – anno in cui Paul Tollett diede avvio alla prima edizione - il Festival ha luogo in California.

Digital Visual Wave

Text Adelaide Striano. L'arte nelle sue forme contemporanee si diffonde attraverso l'utilizzo dei Social Network con l'illustrazione artistica in formato digitale. Sono stati scelti da gli artisti che hanno realizzato ed interpretato The DOT Circle. Premio letterario curato da The Fashionable Lampoon con il supporto di Tiffany & Co.

Le Rendez-Vous

Text Prisca Maizzi. Eased the white, amalgamate the blue with a thousand thoughts. (Marc Chagall)Bella. Unconventional beauty.

Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag

Text Paola Corazza.«Everyone called her Coco but her real name was Gabrielle. It’s the perfect name for a handbag that has all the codes of CHANEL» Karl Lagerfeld.

Design, Value and Strictness

Text Cesare Cunaccia. A rigorous selection is what is lacking: in curatorship, in scheduling, in the crowd. Paradoxically, that same rigor that fashion has never lost, like at runway shows, where each guest will be seated at a precise spot according to their role, influence and power. It’s the same old, boring rule.


Text Marco Maggio. He had already been to Florence at the young age of twenty three, at a time when Maria Gloria Bicocchi’s Art/Tapes/22 was one 

Damien Hirst

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Missa est. The sumptuous, opulent and dizzying funeral service of the remains of modernity was held in Venice. It was celebrated by global contemporary art market high priests Larry Gagosian and Jay Joplin of White Cube.

Maripol Interview

Text Arianna Pietrostefani. Maripol is an artist, film producer, fashion designer and stylist who has had an influence on the looks of many influential artists, including Grace Jones, Deborah Harry and Madonna. She is also a Polaroid artist photographer. 


Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi. In-between seasons don’t seem to exist anymore…Yes, we did notice that, though perhaps not well enough. We tend to normalize

Marcel Wanders – Objets Nomades

Text Adelaide Striano. Abbiamo creato un transformer, un oggetto che ha un’identità proprio grazie al suo movimento, al fatto di potersi trasformare. L’idea è di un pezzo in continua trasformazione, non statico. E’ stato composto in parti differenti in base al progetto curato in ognuna di esse. Interessanti sono i materiali, la materia prima.

Petit H

Text Cesare Cunaccia. «How can one not be inspired when confronted by so much beauty» highlights Pascale Mussard, a woman of great charm and depth, sixth-generation Hermès family member, Artistic Director in charge of this special new venture by the French maison.

Gagosian Warhol

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Milan at that time was truly in its da bere phase (the city’s cocktail and partying scene). Andy Warhol was commissioned the work.

Hotel Raphaël, Rome

I want to talk about the wisteria. It’s blossoming – lilac petals and branches only, the green leaves will appear soon, then they will take over. It’s the prelude of the future that counts, not the memory of the past


Text Mattia Conti. For the third year in a row, the International Festival of Avant-Pop will be in Milan, timed with miart fair and just a few days prior to the Milan Design Week. 

Lampoon Libri

At Lampoon we believe that often reality exceeds the imagination. That it can be bizarre, violent and magnificent. We read Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, James Ellroy, Gay Talese, Gabriela Wiener and Alma Guillermoprieto. We look for [...]


Text Adelaide StrianoConcrete, the exhibition by architecture photographer Federico Torra, opened on Thursday, March 23 at Blanka Studio Fotografia.

Sasha Luss Interview

Text Jennifer Paccione. «When I was fifteen years old we were still going to New York with a map and a handwritten schedule, whilst now you have everything in your iPhone. Now girls are being scouted on Instagram».

Nicolas Vaporidis

Text Adelaide Striano«Perchè se io ti racconto cosa mi piace,cosa faccio, di cosa ho paura... quale è la mia giornata tipo, quali sono i miei fantasmi, i miei segreti e poi interpreto un ruolo, tu al ruolo che interpreto – dopo che hai conosciuto me – uomo – non ci credi più».

Chanel Coco Codes

Text Paola Corazza. The new Chanel Make Up for Spring 2017 - Chanel Coco Codes. I have said black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony, said Gabrielle Chanel. And for Coco, color was a major element which she used in a very personal, non-conventional, often daring way.


Dior Haute Couture SS17 l'expertise dell'atelier della maison. Here how to make a couture skirk – Plissage savoir-faire.


Text Cesare Cunaccia. Lightness, a fairytale revolving around a palette of delicate and subtle tones. A powdery pink, a luminous palette of ivory and off-white, of hazel, pearly silver and mauve. 


Text Cesare Cunaccia. L’arancio sempre energetico e fragrante come un mandarino siciliano. Ball gowns in the finale.


Text Domenico Trapani. Alexander McQueen presenta la collezione uomo AI17. One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.


Text Mattia Conti. Una mostra vuole ricordare la sua lotta, la sua storia la sua Resistenza. Giorgio Castelfranco learnt to swim.

F is For…Share

F is For è un progetto di comunicazione nato dal cuore di Fendi. Made by millennials for millennials to share contents.

F is For…Share

F is For è un progetto di comunicazione nato dal cuore di Fendi. Made by millennials for millennials to share contents.

Sanremo #1

Text Silvia Novelli. Since 1951 Sanremo has evolved, has changed its hosts and its artistic directors, venues and judging panels, never ceasing to divide the public opinion.

fall in love (art)

Text Adelaide Striano. Affordable Art Fair. The exhibition established in London in 1999 and conceived by Will Ramsay.

Sanremo #2

Text Silvia Novelli. Sanremo 2017 procede a passo svelto. Mercoledì è dedicato alle nuove proposte. The show must go on.

Issey Miyake, Milan Flagship Store Opening

Text Ingrid Melano. Housed within Palazzo Reina in Milan’s prestigious Quadrilatero della Moda, Issey Miyake celebrates the opening of the brand’s first Italian flagship store. A five hundred square meter surface divided into ground floor and piano nobile built between 1826 and 1831 by the Reina family.

St. Patrick’s Day

Text Domenico Trapani. The remembrance of St. Patrick, that falls every year on March 17, the day of his alleged death, today is a festivity and a source of national pride: the Christian missionary element was replaced by the celebration of Irish identity, when Gaelic cities all turn green.


Father’s Day in Italy falls on March 19. This is still a day to celebrate our father, possibly with a small gift.


Photography Zoey Grossman, Styling Anna Katsanis, Fashion Team Costanza Maglio, Model Daphne Groeneveld @ women management, Make up Eric Polito @ art department, Hair Riad Azar @ atelier management, Manicurist Geraldine Holford @ lmc worldwide, Photography assistants Robert Cadena, Amy Jackson, Digital tech Wesley Rose, Post-production Michaela Dalzell, Location Jack Studios, New York Special thanks to Shanelle Russel


Dior presents the iconic shirt We Should all be feminists of the SS17 collection. Tradition and modernity.

The Funky Princess

The Funky Princess Arme Lola at the The AristoFunk Gala Rave with your not crystal but hyper powered by Converse shoes. The Aristofunk Gala Rave, by invitation only, will be held at Milan’s Teatro Principe. Special thanks to Hotel Me Milan II Duca.


Kurt, to a Woman

Text Micol Beltramini. I loved (and still love) Marianne Brown. Kurt Vonnegut. Our best wishes to all women. Always. Today included.

Tropical Duomo

Text James A. Minazzi. All things are lawful, but give it a sense. If in contemporary art everything is allowed, everything can be Considered art, the only rule then is meaning. Creating something That is the bearer of a message, something with meaning and purpose.

Lampoon Libri

At Lampoon we believe that often reality exceeds the imagination. That it can be bizarre, violent and magnificent. We read Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, James Ellroy, Gay Talese, Gabriela Wiener and Alma Guillermoprieto.We look for daily news [...]

Waiting for the funky princess

Oggi 25 febbraio, al Teatro Principe di Milano, avrà luogo il party Aristofunk. The Aristofunk Gala Rave, by invitation only, will be held at Milan’s Teatro Principe. The Funky Princess  ArmeLola wearing Converse. Boxing venue since the postwar era, chosen by Luchino Visconti as the set for Rocco and His Brothers. 

Aristofunk – Gala Rave

Saturday, February 25, at the Teatro Principe di Milano, will take place the party Aristofunk. The Aristofunk Gala Rave, by invitation only, will be held at Milan's Teatro Prince, boxing venue since the postwar era, chosen by Luchino Visconti as the set for Rocco and His Brothers.

(Ri)making America great

Text Enrica Murru. The first signs of this change of course, and a new idea of femininity, come from afar. from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 2013 TED speech - "We Should all be feminists" - from Lena Dunham's unretouched cov


Text Jennifer Paccione. Sasha's dream was to become a dancer. Early in his career, the model of beauty is to the nineties. That was the kind of beauty I expected to see as well, but it has changed and there are so many types of beauty and personalities.

Valmont, with Jon Kortajarena

Text Jennifer Paccione. It would be difficult to describe Jon Kortajarena as an individual; it is easier to think of it as energy. Impossible not to feel naturally attracted to him. «It is true That All of the personal experiences That I have lived as a model are used as an actor


Text Adelaide Striano. Linked by a Girdle. «This is a scientific project to reinforce the image and the identity of the Praetorian Palace»

Luxury love place

Text Barbara Capone. It comes with the sun, with the breeze and the thought. It insinuates into your soul.


In 1882, Henrik Ibsen wrote that the most dangerous enemy of truth and freedom is, "if you really want to know, yes, it is the majority, the solid and compact majority, the damn democratic majority". You can say provocation, instead it is a topic of conversation. Our enemy democracy

Love A(r)t First Sight

Text Mattia Conti. Affordable Art Fair, definire il valore dell’arte contemporanea è decisamente più complesso. The skills of the painter made them a true artist, infusing in the painting or sculpture the features of a true work of art.


Inlays and buildings, damasks and plots. Some members of an aristocracy 'funk': talents unlisted by titles. The nobility of blood or wealth certainly has something to do with it, but in the end it is not. Aristofunk is knowing and knowing how to amaze, enjoy the wonder and the dream

Aristofunk / Alexander Beckoven

Text Cesare CunacciaNoble blood and estate certainly come into it, but when all is said and done they’re not really the issue. Snobbery completely misses the mark, and appearing blasé even more so. Aristofunk is knowing how to stun and be stunned, to enjoy marvels and dreams.

Maria Grazia Severi

Text Domenico Trapani. Today Maria Grazia Severi takes a significant step for the brand’s identity.

Nulla Dies Sine Linea

Le parole di Plinio il Vecchio, che si riferiva ad Apelle come il pittore che non lasciava passar giorno senza tratteggiare col pennello qualche linea danno il titolo alla mostra che racconta Antonio Marras. Cesare Cunaccia met Antonio inside the exhibition set for an exclusive conversation.

The New Artisan

Text Concita Borrelli. Fratelli Rossetti, sessant’anni di attività, ha sviluppato una narrazione di realtà artigianali italiane lungo tutto il 2016 e lo ha fatto a casa propria. The next New Artisan’ instalment took place on 1st of December at via Monte Napoleone 1.

Wow & Weird

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Non bisogna mai usare la parola straordinario. Fu la mia professoressa del liceo a insegarmelo. Wow & Weird. Stupefacente e strano – mai banalmente straordinario. We should be happy being so weird, so wowed and, as always, so simply wow.

Luke Evans

Text Carlo Mazzoni. Luke Evans, tra cinema di azione e cinema autoriale. Insieme a Bulgari sostiene Save The Children. La vicinanza a Valentino, Ferragamo – soprattutto a Dior. References to fashion are inadequate – a broader term is more accurate: an aesthetic playground.

My Boyfriend’s Closet

Text Ottavia Bondoni. Libertà – le sue sfaccettature tingono una tela di altri significati. Canvas by Lands’ End è una zona libera da imposizioni. It is a way of being. The possibility of feeling at ease in any garment, regardless of whether it is a women or men’s one.

Armani Lip Magnet

Text Micol Beltramini. Il magnetismo applicato all’essere umano, nei suoi attributi più inesorabili: la capacità di cambiare la luce di una stanza. Giorgio Armani Beauty presents a new liquid lipcolour with a long lasting magnet effect up to eight hours.

Dondup #ViaDellaSpiga

Text Tonia Di Cienzo. Dondup ha inaugurato durante la Settimana della Moda di Milano lo spazio in Via Della Spiga 50. Upon entering, an installation curated by Maestria: a composition that marries together colour, images, music and lighting.

Peculiar Children

Un nuovo stile, un nuovo modo per lo stesso contrasto – sì, Lampoon si basa sul contrasto. Many had gathered around the table for Lampoon. Those ‘peculiar’ children like Peter Pan or the Sun King


Photography Gian Paolo Barbieri, Styling Ellen Mirck, Art Direction Alessandro Fornaro, Model Leila Nda @ women management paris, Hair Lorenzo Barcella @ aldo coppola, Make up Arianna Campa @ close up, Manicurist Selica Ianeselli @ mksusing tns cosmetics, Light technician Stefano Zarpellon, Digital tech Yossi Loloi, Studio assistant Matteo Bocchialini, Studio manager Emmanuele Randazzo, Gallery29 Arts In Progress, Stylist assistants Orsola Amadeo, Giulia Tabacchi, Post-Production Laura Baiardini

Bread&Butter by Zalando

Text Roberta Vanore. La prima edizione del Bread&Butter by Zalando dal 2 al 4 settembre a Berlino: moda, musica e tecnologia. Marni previewed four pairs of shoes before their official launch. Hilfiger presented his capsule Tommy X Gigi together with top model Gigi Hadid.

La Milanesiana – Il Gran Finale

Text Emanuela Giacca. La Milanesiana, 18 luglio. È la vigilia del Gran Finale. Vedo Michel Houellebecq fuori dal Teatro Franco Parenti. It is the 19th of July and La Milanesiana «starts preparation for the next edition» (Sgarbi). The theatre is full, waiting for Roberto Calasso.


Text Lampooners. Il desiderio di evadere, un posto lontano. Decidere di partire, dentro la tua borsa. Così, per il piacere di farlo. Diorever is born out of the encounter between the fashion house’s expertise in leather crafting techniques and the needs of the modern woman.

Add More Lipstick

Text Federico Alpi. Rosso. «Il colore della vita, il colore del sangue» – dichiarava Coco Chanel. Tra tutti è il primo colore ad essere percepito, trattenendo più a lungo a sé lo sguardo. The color of fire, of courage and the desire to shine. «If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack».


Text Roberta Ruiu. Non si può non amare il mare – quelle onde che non importa quante volte vengano respinte tornano a baciare la riva. La Mer continues its commitment to the protection of the seas: Blue Heart was developed to celebrate the ocean and how fundamental it is to life.


Photography Sanja MarušIć, Styling Giorgia Fuzio, Hair Chiara Bussei @ WM, Makeup Kassandra Frua, Casting Mari Lena Borgna @ Born To Runway, Photography Assistant Lars Kroon and Matteo Tricerri, Styling Assistant Angelica Arienti, Producer Sofia Castellaccio, Models Adele Taska @ The Fabbrica, Mor @ Independent. Thanks to Cava Palissandro, Gruppo Tosco Marmi


In this first issue in its new form, Lampoon has chosen craft as the approach for each of its pieces—making with the hands, the search for the prototype before production