Streetwear? No, a suit by Paul Smith

Text Angelica Carrara. Not everyone gets on the streetwear bandwagon, not Paul Smith who revisits his archive, his story, and reconfirms the suit in a game of proportions. Clothing, a constant. “It is like a frame to a photo. Your choice is the image in the middle. Dress it up or down.”

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Between Fashion and Art with Antonio Guccione

Text Angelica Carrara. Photographer to the stars and fashion designers. For his latest work, he put his subjects on a window display in Cortina, the town that is hosting an exhibition of some of his most celebrated portraits. In the meanwhile, Guccione chatted with us about the Eighties and the idea behind his artistic skulls.

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SHE – Interview with Viviane Sassen

Text Alessandra Lanza. The Dutch photographer arrives with an exhibition at Galleria Sozzani in Milan. «In my images, I talk about the love for manual works, about textures and the tactile quality of things, about the earth and baking bread. I do not do this in a literal way, but it is as if what I photographed represented a universal idea of femininity».

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Charlie Siem, the magic violinist

Text Cesare Cunaccia. Born in 1986, quintessentially brit. He gave himself up body and soul to hard study when he was eight and nine years old. At least four hours a day, every day. With the most virtuous masters, such as Itzhak Rashkovsky at the Royal College of Music or Shlomo Mintz, and at high-level schools and seminars all over the world.

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Kraler, Kuore, Kortina

Text Angelica Carrara. Kortina. With a K for Kraler. The ‘pearl of the Dolomites’ should be named like this since when the Family Kraler – Franz, Daniela and Alexander, have put their heart into it. And an empire of luxury multibrand.

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