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Text Domenico Paris

After having played the role of a complicated skating championess in Mister Felicità by Alessandro Siani, Elena Cucci is back on the big screen in the latest movie by Gabriele Muccino, A casa tutti bene, with Piefrancesco Favino, Stefano Accorsi, Carolina Crescentini, Claudia Gerini, Massimo Ghini and Sabrina Impacciatore.

What do you expect from this film?
«Working with Muccino and talented actors has been a strong experience from a human – and not only professional – point of view. Maybe it will mark a breakthrough, for sure it has been a great adventure I will never forget».

During the creation of a character, do you trust your instinct or do you follow a defined acting method?
«I always start from the script to have an idea, then I delve into it with some researches in the field. With A casa tutti bene, I went to Latina to assimilate a kind of effective inflection for the part. I do not rely upon a precise method as I think that the method itself shall adapt to the actor, and not vice versa».

We understand that you have not followed a too-strict training path …
«I was attending the first year of Engineering and I supposed to follow in the footsteps of my father. I was twenty when I took part in a shooting, followed by the first screen-tests for some commercials. I was chosen and everything changed».

What is your idea of the critical period Italian cinema is going through?
«I do not believe it is due to lack of ideas, directors have the nerve to try to experiment. But they have to reckon with the rise of TV series, videos on the web which offer structured narrative opportunities and a much appreciated ‘home comfort’. The experience of cinema still remains irreplaceable».

The Weinstein case has sparked off a veritable earthquake in the show business: are such kinds of ‘compromises’ really accepted?
«I stand in favour of  the battle against injustices which many colleagues are supporting – I  appreciated the choice of many actresses of wearing black at the last Golden Globes to protest against sexism – but I hope that the media will talk again about the commitment, loyalty and professionalism of this world».