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Michaëla Thomsen, from a conversation with Émilie Fouilloux:

“I was born in Nice, by the sea, from Swedish and Danish parents. I spent all my childhood there until my departure for Paris, at 19 years old – a city of encounters, inspirations, culture. In Paris you can grow as a professional and as a human being, setting up projects and spending time with friends and family. I discovered Butte-aux-Cailles, a neighborhood in the 13th arrondissement. I live there at the moment. I like the idea of ​​being both in Paris and a little away from the tumult, in a preserved village. I lived in New York for two years, for modeling. Then Dublin and Sydney, working as an au pair. I got tired of this industry and its practices. The way they make their products and the way they sell them. Large groups make fun of environmental and public health issues, they waste water, use palm oil, mix chemicals and synthetic products – some of which raise serious health issues. From this awareness, a desire to create a cosmetic brand both respectful of the environment/health and glamorous was born. Thomsen offers certified organic products – the formulations are based on natural active ingredients recognized for their virtues and effectiveness. To offer a serious organic alternative to women who wanted it – it was my will. I co-founded Thomsen with my sister Emelie. My main activity consists in making the vision a reality – searching for new active ingredients and creating new products. With the rest of the team we work just as much on the image, the organization of photoshoots, photos and content we convey on the networks or in the press. We are still a startup, always dealing with commercial relations and logistics issues. Like most girls, I have an alternative relationship with my body: sometimes it’s fine, sometimes I lack self-confidence and nothing goes. The body or its attributes do not really mean much. As soon as we accept each other, I think we find ourselves beautiful.”

Thomsen is a line of organic cosmetics made in France, offering products with sweet and fresh scents, composed of 100% natural and non-toxic organic ingredients. Thomsen respects the Cosmos / Ecocert charter, the most demanding certification, a guarantee of safety for our consumers. Thew banned all ingredients from chemistry and petrochemistry, and all potentially polluting or dangerous ingredients, as well as animal testing.

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