Alexander Wessely / Liene Podina

By |April 27th. 2018|

Engraved on the gold armband of his beloved Fornarina as though to sign his possession of the woman, as well as to mark the painting indelibly, proclaiming it a signed work. A composed, balanced art to the extent of imitating nature, so much so that it has become a standard of objective beauty over the years, and has been confused.

Nick Knight / Jazzelle Zanaughtti

By |April 27th. 2018|

Text Émile Zola. The writer published an article in 1865 on Le Messager de l’Europe of Saint Petersburg. He anticipated the decay of the culture of his time: to make room for news and art and leisure section the literature was moved from the front pages to the last ones of the journal. Everything that is already our reality.

Rankin / Sedona Legge

By |April 26th. 2018|

Back in the Dolce Vita of the 1950s, Farouk, pleasure-loving king of Egypt, who was forced to abdicate after the Nasser revolution and was exiled to Rome, predicted precisely what was to come, repeating his mantra: “In a few decades, in the world only five monarchs will remain: those we see on our playing cards, and the King of England”.

Charlotte Abramow / Eleonore Wismes

By |March 30th. 2018|

Text Isabella Santacroce. Wallis di Edoardo non è stata la moglie, ne è stata la Padrona. Figlia di un matrimonio riparatore, sfortunata bimba d’improvviso mancante di padre e vittima dell’indigenza, destinata quindi a una vita oltremodo modesta, è riuscita a trasformarsi da Cenerentola in sfarzosa duchessa di Windsor.

Alexander Beckoven / Yana Dobroliubova

By |March 26th. 2018|

Text Simone MoscaOne evening in January 1920, Florence got on a train in London. She was then murdered, the victim of an unknown assassin on an anonymous local Orient Express. The author of the novel, Jessica Fellowes, sets Nancy Mitford, to investigate the murder, a real case which was never solved.

Ralph Mecke / Harleth Kuusik

By |February 26th. 2018|

Text Roberta Mazzoni. And so began our alliance which, professionally, lasted several years, becoming a friendship that continued. Enrico liked to call his young assistants ‘accomplices’, when in fact for all of us he was a true maestro. Enrico taught me everything.

Micheal Avedon / Bara Podzimkova

By |January 16th. 2018|

Francis Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, spent the last years of his life in Hollywood to write screenplays for the cinema: not one was ever made into a film. Infidelity, describes the couple’s crisis, the cooling of the relationship, the boredom of life together and the shattering of a dream of love.

Maciek Jasik / Maria Borges

By |January 11th. 2018|

A first by Sinclair Lewis, he had won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel in 1926, but refused to collect it, with a letter which we are publishing here for the first time in Italy. Sinclair, to date, is the only writer to have refused the Pulitzer. He certainly didn’t decline the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930.

A Silent Swoop / Alexander Beckoven

By |December 18th. 2017|

Text Gian Paolo Serino. I dreamed we were in a George Michael video. Angelica and I dressed as in the Golden Age, while people looked at us. We are untouchable in our gaucheness that everyone sees as magnificent. You seek out for a safe harbour in your past. There are no safe harbours. You can only dock on the open sea.