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The Cruise Collection by Chanel went on stage yesterday at Grand Palais in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld had a three-hundred thirty feet transatlantic built, since he could not find a boat to stage a floating show. Tomorrow, for the first time, five hundred guys will be invited behind the scenes, to discover the collection with Bruno Pavlovsky – President of Fashion at Chanel and journalist Elisabeth Quin.

«Je veux être de ce qui va arriver» Mademoiselle loved to say. Still today, Chanel carries on the values of its founder, encouraging and supporting young creators in the fields of fashion, photography and cinema. The thirty-third edition of the Fashion and Photography International Festival was held in Hyères from 26th  to 30th  April. Jean-Pierre Blanc founded the Festival when he was twenty-one, thirty-three years ago. This year, Chanel is sponsor and creative director. A workshop staged by Christelle Kocher, president of the Fashion Accessories Jury, and by the artistic director of Maison Lemanié. In Hyères, you find creativity where Maria-Laure de Noailles is. Still today, everything turns around Noailles as if ten minutes – instead of 100 years – passed since Man Ray pictures and the sitting room designed by Jean-Michel Frank in Paris. The twenties-style villa, designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens. Olivier Zahm came to Hyères in the Nineties. The swimming pool and the squash room – the heart of the house, conceived bearing sports in mind. Futuristic, a bit decadent, with neat lines.

In three words, Chanel: «Chanel is Karl and Coco», says Olivier. Karl Lagerfeld. «I don’t change my idea – because before I put out there an idea, there are twenty others in the garbage». Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel means this: the power of decision. Starting a production from an idea. Acting by instinct as if it was art, despite he is leading a company which holds the highest business power in the fashion system. There is no need of markets approval, managers – the designer creates and faces everything head on – this is Karl Lagerfeld, when he declares he will not change his idea.

Les Dames du bois de Boulogne is among Kaiser Karl’s favourite movies. Chanel is supporting Cinémathèque in its restoration works. L’année dernière à Marienbad, a film dating back to1961 by Alain Resnais is shot inside a Baroque palace in Germany surrounded by formal French gardens. The white and silvered lamé chiffon dresses worn by Delphine Seyrig were designed by Gabrielle Chanel. The film, after a restoration supported by Chanel, will take part in the upcoming Biennale del Cinema in Venice.


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