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Text Micol Arianna Beltramini


Name: Stephan Beaumont
IGer: One Eye Girl
Lives in: Barcelona
Works with: Advertisement, Fashion, Illustration
Philosophy: Feminine imperfection is a source of beauty


What is your favourite time of the day, or the year, and why?
«My best time for drawing is at night, when one can finish whatever has been started and there isn’t anything to distract me».

What are your main visual inspirations?
«I am inspired by a lot but I believe that from all that inspires me, included would be: Alexander Calder’s hanging mobiles, The Rorschach Tests images, Raymond Peynet’s drawings, fashion photographs and Instagram».

Does music have an impact on your art, and how?
«I always listen to music while I draw, but I don’t know if it has a direct impact on my work. On the contrary, I believe that my drawings lend themselves to a certain type of music. Sad and melancholic».

Name three things in your childhood that made you the artist you are now.
«I believe that my grandmother is the person who was the greatest influence on my aesthetic taste. She was extremely detailed oriented and very French. For a little Spaniard, it was so wonderful to be able to enjoy every summer in a universe so different from mine. I believe that another thing that had an influence on my personality was the bullying I suffered as a child. It is something that to a certain extent isolates you but also helps you to create a parallel world, personal and intimate. I also remember that since a child, I was fascinated by fashion magazines and the era of the super models. So we can say that having a French grandmother, suffering bullying and reading fashion magazines had led to me drawing what I draw».

What is your favourite mood, and why?
«To draw the best mood is to be calm. Serene and open to the sensations that enable me to produce something from nothing».

Do you have a muse? Not necessarily a person.
«My ideal muse is delicate, unhurried and transmits her beauty through her look. I actually have three muses that I have discovered through Instagram that fascinate me: Jennifer Bucovineau, Lou Schoof and Jasmina Al Zihairi».

What is your worst fear, and does it show in your art?
«The truth is that I don’t have any fears. I have good days and bad days, and I only try to have many more good ones than bad ones».

Three fashion designers you would love to work with.
«I did a small collaboration with Delpozo and I would love to once again collaborate with Josep Font and his team. Besides Delpozo, it would be wonderful to be able to work with Dries Van Noten and Simon Porte (Jacquemus)».

Social networks: things you love, things you hate.
«I have been able to make my work known thanks to social media, I have met incredible people, I have been able to collaborate with brands that I never imagined I would… So there isn’t anything that I hate about social media. To hate is not a good karma».

Images courtesy of the artist