Text Valerio Piperata


M¥SS KETA is the most authentic thing in contemporary Italian discography, despite being a gigantic fake. Her face, name, age are unknown. We only know that in 2013 she released the single Milano sushi & coca on Youtube, from there another series of pieces like Xananas and Burqa di Gucci, until the publication on April 20th of her first album Una vita in capslock. She has told several times that she was a managing director in Rovagnati, an inspiring muse of Dalì, a lover of Agnelli and that once she went on a boat with D’Alema. We meet in the Monti district, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rome. She has her face covered with a pink lace mask and sunglasses. She is very young, she will not be twenty-five years old. «Actually I am eighteen, like I was eighteen in the eighties. I am only a eighteen-year-old girl, who smoked a lot of cigarettes», she explains. M¥SS KETA plays with the clichés of Italy over the lines of the Vanzina and Berlusconi’s movies, making herself the protagonist of everything: «Berlusconi made me enter Mediaset as soubrette, I owe him a lot». She repeats me about Rovagnati, Dalì, and on D’Alema she adds: «He is full of debts, that is why he is out of the political scene now. I still owe the money to a restaurant dinner, I still have the receipt. It was a fish dinner, he asked me to give him the money, he is so stingy».


Once you said you were a show woman and a woman show.
«It is my mantra, also because I call myself a performer, I cannot say I am a musician. I do not even have a specific audience, I want to reach everyone and sing to everyone of the ways I know to escape reality: cocaine, plastic surgery and fame».

Do you feel more loved or hated?
«I have many haters, but I would trade a hundred times a thousand likes with the comment of a hater. The haters are part of the game and they have a diffusion force ten times greater than the fans. The only thing that pisses me off is when they criticise myself in a closed box, when it is so I always answer, go check».

I read several comments that compared you to Sara Tommasi in the period in which she made videos with Andrea Diprè.
«It does not offend me, Sara is a beautiful girl. With her and Diprè we had some Illuminati meetings together. Then Diprè was thrown out because he was too drunk».

Why choosing a mask?
«At the beginning I needed to talk freely about things that could be uncomfortable, like drugs. Then, over time, the mask has become an archetype, in the sense that everyone can wear it and everyone can be M¥SS KETA. And then in a historical moment full of faces, selfies and vanity, I like to hide my face. It is my act of rebellion against the ultimate presence of identity».

How is a life in capslock?
«It is my statement. Ever since M¥SS KETA was born, all the communications I have made have been capitalised. Capslock is the vision of life that saves you from negative moments, from the daily routine, a method to face difficulties. It is my vision of the world».

You started with Milano sushi & coca. Even Marracash has made a song that speaks of Milan in these terms, it is called Sushi and Cocaina.
«It came out after mine, he copied it! I love Marra, but he is as handsome as he is ungrateful. He tried with me but I told him that after this trip I could not accept. However sushi and coca are a public good of Milan, coca in particular is still a status quo as in the eighties, I do not have the copyright on this. And then the first ones  to have associated the two things in music were the Marta sui Tubi, even if in a painful way».

Who are your references?
«Raffaella Carrà, one of the first feminists in my opinion. Her texts would still be powerful today. Then Donatella Rettore and Jo Squillo singing Violentami: that is incredible!».