Text Cesare Cunaccia


La Cupa (Fabbula di un omo che divinne un albero – Story of a man that became a tree), rather than an intense and shattering theatre experience is a sort of collective nightmare, a relentless and cathartic psychodrama. Nearly an auto-da-fé, a breath-taking representation that has broken into San Ferdinando Theatre in Naples like an earthquake, flaring up its dimension and obliging the spectators to get swallowed up by the insane and centrifugal constant movement of what happened around them. La Cupa, that is a pit, a place-non-place where everything happens and lifes, dreadful secrets and violent curses cross, is an opera consisting of two parts by Mimmo Borrelli, from Naples, who is the author of verses, songs, writing of the play and direction. Furthermore, Borrelli interprets the main role of Giosafatte ‘Nzamamorte. It is a consideration on the difficulty of the condition of father that determines the ‘clearing’, the emptying, that is the passage between the definition of maternity which characterized the previous Trinità dell’acqua, accomplished by the author between 2003 and 2006. «This is a show that tells about a drift and that opens up – states Borrelli, who reproduces himself in this as an anthropologist and director, as a poet, drama writer and actor – my Trinity of earth, sucked in the empty space of consciences and memory of our time». The language used is almost incomprehensible, harsh and obscure. It has a Phlegraeus and volcanic matrix, as if it came out from burning magma. It results hypnotic, it never gives you quarter, it pulls you inside the vortex of these verses, sounds and telluric, barbaric and original noises. Frightful themes comes out from the text, like violence on women and children, paedophilia and the abominations of Terra dei fuochi (The Land of Fires). Everything slings in an ancestral and future time-scale, in a theatre action that combines fate with the Greek tragedy with a bit more noir Shakespeare, the bloody ravings of Marlowe with Beckett and Pasolini’s Medea and Edipo Re. An extraordinary company. Thanks to the beautiful and dynamic scenes by Luigi Ferrigno, the costumes by Enzo Pirozzi and the ashy lights by Cesare Accetta.

At Stabile Theatre in Naples, 10th April – 6th May 2018