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Text Giacomo Andrea Minazzi


Who arrived in Viale Umbria 42, surviving the traffic of the ring road at rush hour – the summer heat, in Milan, is felt in April – was for a moment overseas. A sober, almost decommissioned entrance. On the ground, an expanse of little dark pebbles on which city shoes drowned a little.

Inside, the colours. The cherry trees are in bloom, but it was something else, it was the party. Green, red, yellow, blue, the stripes that fill the eyes. The peeling walls, the uneven floor. Wooden boards and boxes on which the beer was traveling for a bit surprised guests – do you have bubbles? The Fuori Salone is that: unexpected, rustic, basically true. In this Marni’s Vereda there were also hens – but in papier-mâché – that were mixed with heels. Swing on hammocks scattered around to get lost dreaming of Colombia – even the music was transporting there.

The Vereda are small urban settlements, one or two streets at most and some agglomeration of houses, rural, ancient communities, where every person is a point of reference for others – sharing and know-how are essential to public life. It is also for this reason that seeing children running around or dads carrying them in their arms, secretly looking for a drink, was perfectly coherent.

For the Salone del Mobile 2018, Marni has collaborated with several Colombian communities – Villanueva, Igabué and Curitì – to create seats, woven baskets, bags in natural fibre and hammocks. Part of the proceeds will finance the La casa sull’albero project, promoted by Piccolo Principe S.C.S Onlus, to give support to minors and families who embark on the path of adoption and custody in the province of Milan.


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