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Aristofunk’s party will be held on Saturday, February 25th, at Milan’s Teatro Principe.

The event is hosted during Milan Fashion week and celebrates the launch of the new issue of The Fashionable Lampoon.

Bangkok’s royal family and Queen Elisabeth, Hillary Clinton and aristocratic dynasties in Washington. The Beauty and the Beast in Versailles, with Madame de Pompadour’s macarons and the Aristocats. Freedom of thought is gentle, bravery is a form of love. The models and the boxers in the ring, the lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent, meters of tulle – the long gowns, the bow-ties of tuxedos untied after a little while. The obscurity of secluded corners, a flame red gallery, the color purple and glittered walls, just like silver. Velvet, damask, silk – flowers will have withered, the blue spotlights will be moving fast. The acrobats will dance over the candelabra, the fast-paced music, the loudness inside the Teatro Principe. The garments over each line of a staff – trains, masks, eye makeup for men, tinted lips for women. Jewelry pieces, brutal kisses. This is what Lampoon’s Aristofunk will be about.

In the next few days the website will feature articles, videos, images that will compose an interactive narration – between The Fashionable Lampoon, the magazine, and all the fairytales, the irony, the magic and the inspirations that will revolve around this event, at the heart of Milan Fashion Week. One night dedicated to all that has inspired the idea of regality in recent years, to the only form of aristocracy that is possible today, that is, to talent, to those who hunted for it, pursued and supported that very talent, and to Fashion, and to the only real Queen of all this, that is not with us anymore.

The Aristofunk Gala Rave, by invitation only, will be held at Milan’s Teatro Principe, a boxing venue since the postwar era, chosen by Luchino Visconti as the set for Rocco and His Brothers.

The Gala Rave Aristofunk Main is hosted with the support of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

The Fashionable Lampoon #8 will hit all newsstands in Italy and worldwide starting from Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

Special thanks to Belvedere Vodka Italia, as usual a partner of all the events hosted by The Fashionable Lampoon.

We also wish to thank
Art Factory Luxury by Eliana Ziliani www.artfactoryluxury.it
Serikos collezioni & tessili s.r.l. www.serikos.com
Ottaviani www.ottaviani.com
T’A Milano www.tamilano.com

Aristofunk Gala Rave
Saturday, February 25th
Teatro Principe, Milan
By invitation only