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Text Angelica Carrara


A full round moon which turns around. One July night in Ibiza, in San Carlos, in the forest of the world. The shaman welcomes everyone with a hug, all around. The sacred fire that warms the stones is eastward, where the sun, the god called Tonatiuh, rises. A light comes to fertilise the womb of Mother Earth, the Temazcal’s hut, in the depths.

People are all sitting in a circle. We must not judge those who make mistakes. We are all there with love so that the sphere can remain intact. You cannot harness the wind in a circle. We must get lost in the dark to find the inner side. After seven minutes I dragged myself out. I was afraid.

The Temazcal is an ancestral rite. It reconnects with the cosmos and its sacred mathematics, with Mother Earth, with the power of the elements, with the forces of the allied animals and the sources of power of the celestial lineage. The cosmos and the earth are at stake. All the elements of the different eras, through which the world has passed and continues to pass: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

All of us live in the sixth Sun in the feminine wake. Unaware of the power of the Great Mother Earth. Mother Earth who creates life, heals evil, defeats death – it is the power that is infused into the feminine being. The body is the earth in its primitive state. A primitive state which is a logically elementary one as claimed by Claude Lévi-Strauss. True, authentic, without superstructures. A native and original situation. The woman.

At the center of the world. When the world was round.

The feminist Madrepace tarot cards by Vicki Noble are round. Shaman-curator and author of Il risveglio della dea, she writes: «I want to know myself in my sacred center and in that space I want to know and touch others». They inspired the Tarots of Dior by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Recovery of the fascination for the divination that was dear to Monsieur Dior.

Sono rotondi i tarocchi femministi Madrepace di Vicki Noble. Sciamana-curatrice e autrice de Il risveglio della dea, scrive: «Voglio conoscere me stessa fin nel mio centro sacro e in quello spazio voglio conoscere e toccare gli altri». Hanno ispirato i Tarots di Dior di Maria Grazia Chiuri. Recupero della fascinazione per la divinazione che era cara a Monsieur Dior.

Video editing Giulia Bertuletti