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Text Jennifer Paccione


Born in Magadan, before relocating to Moscow at a young age, Sasha Luss experienced a very organic upbringing that is perhaps attributed to her approachability and gracious genuineness. Sasha actualized her modeling career at an early pace, veritably so young that her grandmother disapproved of such a career choice. «I cannot really say it was a great thing or a bad thing. There was a big change happening. I was so young and did not understand anything, so I stopped». The model paused her career and returned to Russia for the continuance of her education, before ultimately returning to what would be considered a career advancing maneuver in the modeling industry, a telltale sign that this time, the second time around, it would be different. «I went back home. I started studying, but I was always feeling like if I am not going to actually get there, if I am not going to make it I will always regret it».

She was twenty years old when she did fashion week in Milan. «It was good but not great. My French agency in Paris insisted that I come to Paris and do fashion week there. The second day I did the Dior casting and next, opened for Valentino Couture and then everything started. The difference was that I was much older, more mature and grown up and I understood people better. The funny thing is you look amazing at fifteen years old because you are young and fresh but you’re much better in your mind when you are older. The second time around was a charm for me and I hope it will never stop».

Being a ballerina was her dream, but unfortunately not every dream can come true: «I had an accident when I was a teenager and I had to stop at that point». Inspiration and depth. «It’s not only about ballet. It’s everything you do. All of your knowledge you have from school too. Of course dancing is not only about movement itself». It’s about discipline: «I used to travel a lot as a kid with a competitive [dance] team and this helped as well because you are flying everywhere and modeling is the same. But, I think the main thing is that I look at photographs sometimes and I see empty eyes and I think that is the scariest thing, but if you have a lot of experience and knowledge you will never have this problem».

When she started modeling, beauty was something which came from the Nineties. It was Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kim Basinger: «these girls from my childhood. That was the kind of beauty I expected to see as well, but thank god it is changing and it is always different types of beauty and personalities». Beauty is not something you can define: «I think there is of course a standard, but you can find beauty in every face. I think nowadays that is what it is. It’s bold girls, girls with curly hair, all different races, different shapes. It’s as if there is no standard, no limits. It is showing that beauty is everywhere. It’s actually in your eyes to see». The ever-controversial definition of beauty.

Sasha Luss preaches with credibility, as she is naturally very observant to beauty in unexpected sources. She has been credited with a poetic Instagram, often captioning photographs with a Françoise Sagan quote or her candid thoughts. «When I was fifteen years old we were still going to New York with a map and a handwritten schedule, whilst now you have everything in your iPhone. Now girls are being scouted on Instagram. At first I didn’t know what to do with Instagram. I thought that it is kind of obvious that if you’re a model, you are pretty, so no one is interested in looking at your pretty pictures because there are so many beautiful people. It started like this and people started thanking me for sharing a book recommendation». Relating to Instagram, we also discussed a published video in which Sasha captioned her emotions with the debut trailer for the upcoming film, Valerian and the City of a Thousands Planets, a film that will pose as an acting debut for the model.

Sasha − the lucky kid, the successful woman: «Success is something that is not obvious. You can’t really say who is successful and who is not. In the eyes of my school, as a kid, I am successful. In my opinion, I am definitely not because there is so much I want to achieve. Sometimes I get a little jealous in this world. I am a human being, but then I understand that you can never compare yourself to anyone, so I try to look at what I have achieved from my perspective».

The Fashionable Lampoon Issue 8 – Video Interview of Sasha Luss

Starring Sasha Luss @ Img Models shot by Hunter & Gatti
Styling Ron Hartleben
Hair Paquito Garriguese
Make up Nina Park @ The Wall Group
Manicurist Angely Duarte
Fashion assistant Carolina Fusi
Photography assistants Ace Buhr, Niklaus Moller
Set designer Stewart Gerard
Location Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, NY