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Jon Kortajarena shot by Hunter & Gatti – Aristofunk – The Fashionable Lampoon Issue 8

Text Jennifer Paccione


Jon was featured in the music video for Bitch I’m Madonna, and brought on to share the stage with the performer during her show in Barcelona. «She’s my favorite bitch so far! She is smart, funny, fresh and she rocks it. On stage she is the queen». It is believable that one’s perception of beauty could be influenced and altered in such an industry. Beauty is not only physical, but rather involves and incorporates inward characteristics, proving that when beauty is accompanied by a feeling, it becomes much more valuable. One Instagram photograph captions the model with the French-Polish film director, Roman Polanski, ‘breakfast with Polanski’, opening the conversation to Jon’s relationships with directors: «I have a special connection with Pedro Almodóvar and his world. The way in which he gives life to the characters and the point of view of his stories are so familiar to me. I love many directors: Bertolucci, Polanski, Antonioni…».

«It is a honor to be a source of inspiration for people whom I deeply admire and respect». Tom Ford. «With Tom Ford I have a more personal relationship. I admire him as a man and I respect him a lot as a designer, as well as a director. His recent film, Nocturnal Animals, is a marvel. Whenever he calls me for a professional project, it makes me shine. I owe him a lot». A mentor one may define as: «He is one of those male figures that, as an adult, I have adopted as a reference for many issues in my life». Karl Lagerfeld, alongside Tom Ford has in time, cited Jon Kortajarena as a muse. «Karl Lagerfeld is a very different man. He, too, is fun and extremely talented, but in a different way. Our relationship is more professional. Lagerfeld knows everything».

It would be difficult to characterize Jon Kortajarena as a person, as he is perhaps more, in fact, an energy. In his presence, he is a compelling, contagious force that is effortlessly drawn to. «It is true that all of the personal experiences that I have lived as a model are used as an actor, and in some aspects both professions have certain similarities, but it is only in the most superficial part. As a model, I feel that you have to sell the illusion of being a perfect man and it is tiresome to hold something unreal. You have to cover what is not considered perfect and that can create much insecurity. As an actor, all of your fears, your insecurities, even the precise moment in which you are in raw form, can all contribute to your work to make it greater, more real and honest. I love both professions, but I feel that as an actor I have much to give. In fashion you sell an illusion, in acting you tell a story, a reality».

Shot by Hunter & Gatti