Photography Marco Pietracupa, Styling Canedicoda, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Florianna Cappucci, Make-up Katja Wilhelmus, Casting Marilena Borgna, Photography Assistants Angelo Iannone, Marco Gehlhar, Stylist Assistant Valentina Lucchetti, Talents Alessandra Contini @Astarte, Rocco Fasano @TTAgency, Venerus @Astarte, Models Francesca Cioffi @Monster, Gabriela Soares @Monster

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Photography Michael Hemy, Styling Tess Yopp, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Declan Sheils, Make-up Anete Salinjeka with Make-up Rodial, Casting Director Marilena Borgna, Photographer's Assistant Sebastian McCluskey, Set Designer Alicia Howitt, Fashion Editor Alessandro Fornaro, Production Shotview Artists, Models Nina @Next, Juliet Soane @Storm

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Photography Dario Salamone, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Massimo Gamba, Make-up Serena Congiu, Casting Director Simone Bart Rocchietti, Marilena Borgna, Digital Operator Pietro Pappalardo, Light Assistants Giulia Bergamasco, Alecio Ferrari, Make-up Assistants Bianca Bagnoli, Cinzia Trifiletti, Models Miriam @Monster, Mavaro @Elite

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Photography Guillame Roemaet, Styling Sergio Zambon, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Daniela Maginetti, Make-up Giorgia Pambianchi, Casting Director, Simone Bart Rocchietti, Photography Assistants Kevin Drelon, Fashion Assistant Sara Baldini, Ilaria Poloni, Production Hotel Production, Models Umberto @independent, Augustine @elite, Paulina @special managment, Caro @women, Irka @brave

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Photography Allyssa Heuze, Styling Arthur Arbesser, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Loris Rocchi, Make-up Giorgia Pambianchi, Casting Director Simone Bart Rocchietti, Photography Assistants William Fleming Alessio Keilty Fashion Assistants Sara Baldini Ilaria Poloni Francesca Donofrio Production Hotel Production Models: Antonia @specialmanagment, Camilla @img, Paola @fashionmodel, Noemi @modabooker. Special Thanks to Galleria Viasaterna and Anticamera Location Agency.

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Amanda Charchian / Edward Buchanan

Photography Amanda Charchian, Styling Edward Buchanan, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Gabriele Trezzi, Make-up Cosetta Giorgetti, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Manicurist Annarel Innocente, Photography Assistants Luca Scavone and Alessio Keilty, Fashion Assistants Sara Baldini and Ilaria Poloni, Production Hotel Production, Model Alexandra Elisabeth @thesociety

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Marlon Rueberg / Antonio Marras

Photography Marlon Rueberg, Styling Antonio Marras, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti, Street Casting Irene Germano @Simobartcasting, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Fashion Assistant Sara Baldini, Photography Assistant Riccardo Ferri, Production Annalaura Masciavè

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Cameron McCool / Fausto Puglisi

Photography Cameron McCool, Styling Fausto Puglisi, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Massimo Gamba, Make-up Luciano Chiarello, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Photography Assistant Luca Scavone, Set Assistant Carlo Notarangelo, Production Annalaura Masciavè,  Models Chiara Hovland and Andrei Coiana    

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Alexander Beckoven / Yana Dobroliubova

One evening in January 1920, from London, Florence gets on a train. The nurse, the victim of unknowns, is killed on a local Orient Express, and, on the crime of the girl, actually happened, but remained unsolved, Jessica Fellowes, the author of the story, begins to investigate Nancy Mitford, one of the six sisters Mitford

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