Milano, 18th of May 2020 – Giorgio Armani reveals the Monégasque Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc to represent the face of the Armani Made to Measure Spring Summer campaign 2020. Photographer John Balsom shot the campaign on the French Riviera, before the corona outbreak. «Leclerc has had success, despite his age, and this is an indication of will and determination, as well as talent. […] The Made to Measure suit has no age, and these shots are proof of this,’ the designer underlines».

Armani revealed the bespoke tailoring service Made to Measure in 2018. Subverting the traditions of tailoring, the service shifts the clientele’s focus from commerciality to the heritage and longevity of luxury garments. Aiming to involve the customers in the design process, the service — available in Armani retail stores around the world —, allocates fabrics, buttons, linings, and other details, which can be incorporated into the suit design. «Those who buy luxury products are attracted to the idea of having something special to them, even more so if it is a tailored suit».

Charles Leclerc Armani

Charles Leclerc. Ph. John Balsom

Over the years the designer recognized the overproduction of garments as well as an evolving fast-luxury mindset. In a letter to WWD Magazine, sent after the Covid-19 outbreak had reached Italy, Giorgio Armani declares «The fashion world should slow down. That means fewer fashion shows, for example. All of these trips around the world are a waste of resources and style. I mean a style that characterizes the world of luxury. Luxury takes time to be implemented and valued».

In February, the designer was one of the fashion pioneers to showcase his Fall/Winter 2020 runway show behind closed doors, to prevent the spread of the virus. Additionally, he converted four of his factories into manufacturing equipment for healthcare workers and donated two million euros to hospitals in Italy.

«The crisis is an opportunity to slow down and realign everything. […] The experience teaches us something very important: saving money, getting by with less, and relying on products that are worth it». With this approach in mind, Armani decides to extend the sales period of the summer collection until September and works on compacting his upcoming collections.

«It must be over with fashion as pure communication, over with cruise shows being held all over the world (…) they are waste of money», says the designer. «He argues for the valorization of ‘authenticity» and the human scale.