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The San Montano is an ancient house suspended on the island that cannot distinguish the blue – that of the sky from that of the sea. Three thousand years ago, a hundred and eight meters above the bay of the green island, the Greeks built their Acropolis there. Orientation – towards east Naples and Vesuvius, to the south Mount Epomeo, the Flegrean coast to the north. To the west the sun catches fire when the island of Ventotene appears. The olive trees are centuries old, and there is a good confusion in the air: first the fragrance from the lemon grove, then the lavender and the jasmine, again the bougainvillea and the basil.

The other night at dinner. At the bottom of the menu we read: “you by phone you must make love with the customer”. “My father always told me, as soon as I entered the company I was shy,” Maria Giovanna Paone told us at the table with Michele, her husband – the meeting in Capri, then at school together and for life. We dreamed of eating pizza with yellow tomatoes. The menu is too refined. An encore was made of the lemon delight. The fried fruit and the Passito. Water and Salt at the piano bar, and the bathroom at midnight in the sea water pool. It happened Domani, a section of the online site of the San Montano Resort in Ischia is called. The 1944 film by René Clair, It Happened Tomorrow, comes to mind. Larry received the newspaper of the following day, thus coming to know the events that would then be promptly verified in the immediate future. It always works like this, from ancient Greece to the present day, the future is yesterday’s story.
The ‘blue diamond’ – 12 microns, to make a light dress, of 350 grams – is the favorite fabric of Maria Giovanna, daughter of Ciro Paone, vice president of Kiton and creative director of the women’s collection, «My father discovered it at the end of the nineties. On the fabric selvedges there is written ‘exclusive for Kiton’, but probably nobody knows that he dedicated it to my mother. He always said to her: “you are my blue diamond”. ” Kiton derives from chiton, the dress that the ancient Hellenes wore to go and pray at Olympus.

We were saying, it happened tomorrow, it was written: the first Kiton Vip Lounge opens at San Montano. Like in a living room at home. Two symmetrical fabric armchairs make the yellow and blue Vietri tiles on the floor irregular, the white and light blue upholstery on the walls. A tailor-made service for guests entrusted to Scaglione, a store that in Ischia is a reference for luxury clothing.

Kiton – a family – is a first, second and third generation company. Ciro, the founder – the daughters Maria Giovanna and Raffaella, the cousins ​​Totò, Antonio and Silverio. Two twins, Walter and Mariano, who are the sons of Totò. Their cousins ​​and other grandchildren. 180 tailors for outerwear, 60 shirt makers, 10 pantalonai and 10 shoemakers, for a total of 420 people who, “don’t work for us, but with us”. We talked about it the next day at breakfast. The sax on the terrace, in the croissants cream and black cherries. “A woman cannot serve three masters: the company, her husband and children”, Giovanna recalls her father’s words, a company must be run by a man. In 1995 the women’s collection was born, the market demanded a product of high female tailoring. “True elegance is” masculine “,” said Ciro Paone, because women follow fashions, they cannot devote themselves to a quality product. Today the women’s division is worth about 10% of turnover and grows at least as much as the men’s side. Butterflies on blue bronze women cut the sky, are the sculptures of Antonio Nocera, from the Inside Love Love Inside cycle, says the master, “It is my silent struggle, dedicated to women who are at the center of the universe, starting from a chrysalis. Blue is Naples, because love is in there ».

San Montano Resort & Spa

Via Nuova Montevico, 26 Lacco Ameno Isola d’Ischia