Marlon Rueberg / Antonio Marras

By |September 6th. 2018|

Photography Marlon Rueberg, Styling Antonio Marras, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti, Street Casting Irene Germano @Simobartcasting, Editing and Coordination on Set Carolina Fusi, Fashion Assistant Sara Baldini, Photography Assistant Riccardo Ferri, Production Annalaura Masciavè

Lorenzo Vitturi / Lucio Vanotti

By |September 6th. 2018|

Photography Lorenzo Vitturi, Styling Lucio Vanotti, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Groomer Giorgia Pambianchi, Set Designer Natasha Piper, Casting Simone Bart Rocchietti,  Retouching Matteo Vallè, Producer Annalaura Masciavè, Model Mahany Pery @Special Management

Cameron McCool / Fausto Puglisi

By |September 6th. 2018|

Photography Cameron McCool, Styling Fausto Puglisi, Art Direction Susanna Cucco, Hair Massimo Gamba, Make-up Luciano Chiarello, Casting Director Barbara Pfister, Photography Assistant Luca Scavone, Set Assistant Carlo Notarangelo, Production Annalaura Masciavè,  Models Chiara Hovland and Andrei Coiana    

Alexander Wessely / Liene Podina

By |April 27th. 2018|

Engraved in the golden armory of the beloved Fornarina as if to seal the woman's possession, as well as to mark the painting in an indelible way proclaiming it an autograph opus. An art composed, balanced up to the mimesis with the nature, so much to become in time a canon of objective beauty and to be confused

Nick Knight / Jazzelle Zanaughtti

By |April 27th. 2018|

The writer published an article only once in 1865 on Le Messager de l'Europe in St. Petersburg. Anticipated the deterioration of the culture of that era, which was increasingly relegated to the last pages of the newspaper to make room for the news and the show. Everything that is already a reality for us

Rankin / Sedona Legge

By |April 26th. 2018|

Already in the fifties of the Dolce Vita, Farouk, a keen king of Egypt, deposed by the Nasser revolution and exiled to Rome, had foreseen everything, repeating his mantra: "In a few decades there will still be only five monarchs in the world: those of the cards from play and the king of England »

Charlotte Abramow / Eleonore Wismes

By |March 30th. 2018|

Wallis di Edoardo was not his wife, she was the Mistress. Daughter of a reparative marriage, an unfortunate child suddenly missing a father and a victim of poverty, destined to a very modest life, she was able to transform herself from Cinderella into the gorgeous Duchess of Windsor

Alexander Beckoven / Yana Dobroliubova

By |March 26th. 2018|

One evening in January 1920, from London, Florence gets on a train. The nurse, the victim of unknowns, is killed on a local Orient Express, and, on the crime of the girl, actually happened, but remained unsolved, Jessica Fellowes, the author of the story, begins to investigate Nancy Mitford, one of the six sisters Mitford

Ralph Mecke / Harleth Kuusik

By |February 26th. 2018|

I still remember the first time I saw Enrico. It was 1980, I had arrived in Rome for a few years to try the great adventure of cinema. Thus began our partnership that lasted several years and that, affectively, still lasts. It means knowing the dark side of the heart and the intermittences