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Porcelain tableware, glass, and cutlery: the items by Ann Demeulemeester are sculptures and functional objects at the same time.

Back to 2014. Ann Demeulemeester decides to hand on the torch of her fashion label – she starts a new life outside of the city with artist Patrick Robyn with the pursuit of the renovation of a 19th century country house, realizing their own design for a floral park and vegetable garden. Ann experiments with recipes using home-grown produce, and soon plates and cutlery are also needed, with a table and a light to shine upon them. In her studio Ann begins to model clay and studies the old techniques for making porcelain and mixing glazes and purchases a professional kiln – plates, bowls, cups, dishes and vases comes into being.

2018. Ann Demeulemeester produces these pieces with Serax, marking the beginning of a collaboration that saw Ann, from her studio in Belgium, having to show the hand workers in China, from where porcelain originates, the right techniques for the realization of her ideas. In order to teach the painting of the dégradé or progressive shading in the series , Ann sends films of her own technique to China, along with the right brushes.