Marco Pietracupa / Canedicoda

By |April 5th 2019

Photography Marco Pietracupa, StylingCanedicoda, Feat. Alessandra Contini at Astarte, Rocco Fasano at TTAgency, Venerus at Astarte, Francesca Cioffi and Gabriela Soares at Monster, Art Direction Susanna Cucco

Guillaume Roemaet / Sergio Zambon

By |December 3rd 2018

Photography Guillaume Roemaet, Styling Sergio Zambon, Feat. Umberto Manca at Independent, Augustin at Elite, Paulina Lachnik T Specialmanagement, Caro Goeckel at Women, Irka Chirganaeva at Brave, Art Direction Susanna Cucco

Rankin with Sedona Legge

By |May 30th 2018

Photography Rankin, Model Sedona Legge, Creative Director Alessandro Fornaro, Stylist Kim Howells, Hair Nick Irwin, Make-up James O’Riley

#Dionysus: Safe Sex

By |March 7th 2018

Let us treat ourselves with love, with kindness, with honor - we raise a glass and drink for our bodies - our sanctuaries

Olio by Michael Avedon

By |December 22nd 2017

The video of the Michael Avedon Oil shooting for the Magnifico issue, for The Fashionable Lampoon. Issue 11 - Magnificent