Daria Reina has made Diana Vreeland’s diktat her own: the eye has to travel. Chez Dédé is an emporium in Rome that lays out different worlds, and stylistic and geographical contexts. When the door closes behind you, you feel like you have entered a different dimension: slightly shabby sofas, vintage furniture and decorations, velvet cushions, poufs embroidered with gold thread, Kuba textiles, shabby ceramics by Astier de Villatte, posters, rush mats, candles, wood, incense and trompe l’oeil linoleum. Along with Daria Reina, the demiurge of Chez Dédé is called Andrea Ferolla – his illustrations bring the graphic universe of Marcel Vertès and Christian Bérard to life based on an imprinting which refuses to bow to any chronological order. Reina and Ferolla have worked together for the last twenty years as Creative Directors, Designers and Communication Consultants. Together, they have invented, designed and produced – ironically referring to themselves as dédéists.

Andrea is Italian and a painter: Daria is half Italian – half French and a photographer. Chez Dédé was launched in 2011 as a brand of accessories, fashion, jewelry and decorations for the home, as well as little éditions de charme and partnerships with luxury brands around the world. It is a combination of Italian craftsmanship, luxurious materials and esprit de finesse with a strong French accent. The pair personally take care of the brand’s Instagram profile, revealing their passion for travelling and poetry. Their operations hub, the heart of the atelier, is hidden behind linen curtains in a studio that also serves as a living room and a cocoon. Chez Dédé is in via di Monserrato, formerly Corte Savella and via Arenula before that, a few steps away from Piazza Farnese and connecting it to via dei Banchi Vecchi. It is a street lined with palazzi built by aristocratic families between the Renaissance and the 19th century, and was named after the Spanish national church built by Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio. A tapestry of historical events linking the Borgia’s, Callixtus III and Alexander VI, to Beatrice Cenci, Imperia the Roman courtesan, and Filippo Neri. The street has shops, workshops and galleries – including jewel designer Fabio Salini, Soledad Twombly’s ethnic designs, Syrian dresses, Ikat textiles and vases from Tibet, antique picture frames from antique dealer Fabrizio Canto, and bags by young Lebanese designer Gilbert Halaby. Pierluigi’s restaurant is popular with locals and visitors from abroad – including Hollywood film stars – in Piazza de’ Ricci opposite, overlooked by the 16th century fresco-covered facade of Palazzo Ricci – the home of Archer in Portrait of a Lady by Henry James.

Andrea Ferolla was born in 1961 and lives and works in Rome. He graduated in History of Art before starting work as an illustrator and visualizer, working for Rai and various advertising and communications agencies. His first works were exhibited at galleries and museums in Rome, Bologna and Tokyo. In 2007 he founded a design study with his wife Daria Reina. He worked as an illustrator with international magazines and fashion brands. His designs are on display at the Fashion Illustration Gallery in London, decorating the walls at Hotel de’ Ricci in Rome, Hotel San Pietro at Positano, Omar at Vaucluse in New York, and the new Beach Club at the Rosewood Miramar at Montecito. He has been a professor of Art Direction at IED for the last twenty years or so, and opened an atelier at the Chez Dédé showroom in Rome four years ago. Ferolla’s designs are on many of the accessories, bags, scarves, plates, and fabrics in the Chez Dédé collections.

ITALIAN CHIC was published by Assouline in 2018, a book following a path dictated by emotion, a sort of contemporary Grand Tour across Italy. A story expressed through his graphics and Daria Reina’s camera lens, weaving together two complementary visions in a single unit. Daria was born in 1969, half Italian and half French, and grew up in Brussels, Belgium. She studied in Rome and graduated in 1991 in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fashion and Design, but remained at the Academy to start her a career as a teacher of Lettering. She designed the logo commemorating the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification. Chez Dédé for Hotels is the latest department created by Ferolla-Reina. «Hotels are the epitome of the ‘place of literature’ – they emphasize – conveyed through an atmosphere or a mood, a setting for imaginary stories where the décor, art and decorations are co-conspirators. Its job is to astonish and attract our senses, re-enter the sphere of memory, the cradle of culture and pleasure».

Chez Dédé

Via di Monserrato, 35,

00186 Roma RM